Saturday, June 21, 2003

Aptanun, blog!

Isn't it so nice to stay home in the mornings?! Hay, grabe! Ang sarap ng feeling...hahaha! Mom and I will be leaving this afternoon to check the house somewhere in Cavite. I asked her why she bought it. It is an investment daw. Hmm...she even urged me to pay by installment. Investment for my future. Mom! I know what you mean. But I think my salary is not enough. It is already too heavy for my pocket to shell out that much. I still have to finish paying for the computer and my newly-acquired mobile phone. Hehehe! Sabagay, okay lang po. You are there naman so pautang na lang. Hahaha! =)

Naku, lagot na naman ako. Di na naman ako sisipot sa lakad ng mga office peepz. Bartdei kc ng anak ng Associate Director namin and I promised them I will show up. Sermon na naman abot ko. Hehehe! Ewan ko ba, lagi na lang may kasabay na schedule. Excuses! Hehehe! Tsk...tsk...tsk...

I woke up late today [as usual, as if it is new]. In fact, right now, I wanna go back to bed. Hehehe! Anyway, before I logged in, I did some cleaning. Kakahiya naman kasi parang boarder lang ako dito no. Helped my mom cooked lunch. I did cook sinigang. Yum! Hehehe!

On the side, I was texting with my new friend, Dex. I find this guy really cool. Just like my other male pals. A good storyteller and not boring. I can even write a few chapters of his life since I know some parts of it. Lagot ka! Hahaha! I know you are sleeping right now coz you just got home from work. Maghihilik ka kaya? Hahaha!

Anyway, since I'm at it, I just wanna thank this guy for being so nice. Bait mo ha! Thank you for the times you almost brought me home [kahit di ko sinabi sasakyan mo pabalik =)], for treating me to dinner [kahit di ko maubos yung fettucine kc sobrang dami for my stomach], for the funny stories and the serious ones, too, for the pictures during the climb [email mo ulit yung iba kc di ko na receive eh...hehehe!], for the gifts [tama na, sobra sobra na yon]! Thank you, dude!

Yun lang masasabi ko eh. Other things, sa akin na lang yon. Hahaha! ;)

Let's work it backwards!

As I mentioned yesterday, I was really "floating" when I got to work yesterday. I know it was Friday and I still had tons of things to wrapped up but I cannot even bring myself to think about work. To cap it all, I only accomplished one productive output! Bonk myself on that! Good thing, my superior did not give me much pressure. I just reassured myself that on Monday, I will be my usual, hyper, pro-active self. Promise, I am looking forward to go to work on Monday! =)

So after work @ 6pm [I think], Dex dropped by. Jil, Pam and I were all together when we got out of the office. But Jil seemed like in a hurry so she went ahead of us. All 3 of us, Pam, me and Dex left the building together. It was raining and I was praying that it will stop. We separated with Pam since she will heading towards the Landmark terminat and us, on our way to Glorietta. Dex and I had dinner @ World Chix. Hehehe! I cannot recall what he ordered but I remembered the sweet chili which I keep on picking [when he is not looking]. I ordered fettucine but I cannot finish it all for it was such a big serving for my stomach. I was able to finish my salad, though. I liked its taste.

While dining, we talked about lots of stuff and most of the time, I burst out laughing. Hahaha! Honestly, I do not know who is the clown between me and him. I still have to know who between us is the funnier being. =) Alongside, he gave me some stuff which I really do not want to accept for I hate accepting gifts. I do not want to feel obligated but seeing his face changed to something like being offended, with hesitation I accepted them. Anyway, thank you but please, stop giving me things. =)

Afterwards, we proceeded to the cinema floor and checked out what movies were being shown. I wanted to watch Tanging Ina but I decided not to watch it that time. As I said, I was floating. Maybe tomorrow or when I am back at my old self. Then, we headed to Park Square and check out the sports shops there. There were 3: Store Shop, Toby's and this Mike's Sports Shop, I think.

After some time, we decided to go home. As usual, we *fought off* again. Since he has to work, I told him not to bring me home. Very persistent. The end is: he won. :bop:

After a few texts with him [if he was able to leave the area in his good, old self, lol], I dozed off to a very peaceful, inviting slumber....zzzzzzzz!

My Cebu business trip [18-19 June '03]

I did not take a wink of a sleep Tuesday nite till the wee hours of Wednesday mawning. That time I still have to prepare my working stuff, recall if I have forgotten any important documents and as well as prepare my overnight pack. To keep myself awake, I drank 4 cups of brewed coffee and hit 2 bottles of Red Bull to keep me alert. I even checked my email account to make sure that when I get back, I won't have to battle reading too many uncalled for emails. I even chatted online. I even managed to reread The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

At exactly 4 in the morning, I stood in one corner of the room and mentally went through my personal and working stuff. All accounted for. Except my cash. I was not able to encash the cheque for my travel allowance. I had to do away with the few thousand bills in my wallet and I can still depend on my “savings” atm.

All packed, I hit the bathroom and lavishly played with the soap and the bubbles. Hehehe! I really do enjoy bathing in cold water kahit napapatili ako sa sobrang ginaw. =) Walang pakialamanan. I wish we have a bath tub at home para dun na lang ako tatambay. Hehehe! =)) As my alarm went off, I knew then that meant I had to hurry up. I had a 730 am flight and I have to be at the airport at 630 in the morning. It was a Wednesday and that means heavy traffic flow in Baclaran. Quickly, I rushed out of the bath and donned on my black slacks and a girlish white blouse. Making myself up, I rushed to my closet and grabbed my black blazer. My black bag packed with an overnite clothes [another black slacks and a white ¾ blouse and bedroom clothes], essential stuff, working papers and a book [to read in the plane], tapes and camera, a few bars of chocolates and my mobile phone and planner was waiting for me by the end of the stairs. I called on to my mom and bid my father goodbye. [I wonder if Papa knew that I was bound to fly to Cebu that day.] My mom was as always, worried about me traveling alone and for her it was too dark to leave home. I told her not to worry and that I can take care of myself.

I rushed out of the alley and hailed a trike that will bring me out of the ville. I found some cabs lined up in the gasoline station but I dared not check them out. Of course, they will be charging me a resounding 300 bucks to the airport! Those drivers! What do they take me for?! An idiot! Too early to use my razor-sharp tongue. I hailed this cab that passed my way. I thought he was okay since he did not ask me how much I will be paying. Just a few kilometers away, he said he will be charging me 250 bucks. What?! He is no different from the others. I said the max that I will pay will be 150 bucks since the airport is just near. I told him to bring me back where I was if he will still charged me that much. But then he won against me. Checking out time, I knew I do not have much time for arguments. Fine, I will pay you! Just drive on and bring me there. I had a thrill, nerve-chattering drive to the airport. Good thing, he was not so reckless. I did not get a headache.

I was 30 minutes early. I refreshed myself in the airport’s restroom and afterwards look around if my companions were already there. They were not. I lined up to get a boarding pass and later paid my terminal fee. I had myself checked-in. Since it was too early, I look around the stalls and booths selling varied stuff. I bought a newspaper and scanned the Business section for any important news. I was feeling a little cold so I lodged on at the coffeeshop and ordered a cup of cappuccino. I was sipping through and I noticed this cute little boy advancing towards my table. It was so funny coz he laid out his cute, little hands to me. I was wondering if he was asking me to give him my cappuccino. I did not order any croissant or sandwiches so I took it that he was after my cup. *Hmm* I smiled at him and the thing was, he smiled back too. I rummaged through my bag and pulled out a bar of chocolate. I looked around and checked where his parents were. A few tables away from me and they were looking at us. I caught their eyes and I made a gesture if it was alright to give it to the boy. They said it will be fine if I wanted to. I gave it to him. He grabbed my right hand and gave me a 5-hit on the palm. I thought that was it. When I asked for his name, he planted a baby [malaway kasi eh…hehehe!] kiss on my right cheek! [O dib a, wishing ako na sana I have my own kid!] Cool! Then he rushed to his parents and showed them what he got. It was really so nice to see him bounce with joy. Haay...I finished my cappuccino and sat in one of the vacant seats outside the coffeeshop. I read the papers and texted some people. Seemed that all of them were still in bed since no one was replying. I got a few replies when I was to board the plane.

I arrived @ the
Mactan International Airport at exactly 845 am. I met up with my superiors and with the reserved van for us, we proceeded to San Fernando, which is outside the city. It was a very long drive, mind you. After an hour or so, we had lunch together with the Vice President of the company at the Pulchra Resort . I was not able to visit this place before so I was in awe when my eyes set on it. We were all kidding each other that maybe we can cancel the afternoon schedule and take a dip at the pool or the beach. I had taken some shots using my mobile phone so maybe I will be posting the pictures here.

After lunch, we head off to Naga and visited a cement company. Actually, I have visited this company before in one of my energy conservation projects. The place, the procedures were still fresh in my mind. It was like a déjà vu to me. Plant visits were finished and by 5 pm, we were heading to the Waterfront Hotel. As expected, a long drive back. It was almost 6pm when we got in the city and we had a 630 dinner meeting with the chamber of commerce. I beg off not to join since I have to prepare some of the stuff I will be doing tomorrow. After some prodding, they let me go. I checked in at the hotel at 630 pm and the rest proceeded to the Mactan Island. That was another more than an hour drive. I checked with our lawyer and interpreter if they were still at the hotel. I called them up and dismissed the idea of reaching them. I was right when I learned that they went out already. Pity me!

I put out everything from my bag and called housekeeping. I had my white blouse ironed for tomorrow’s use. I called concierge to check if the materials for the seminar had reached the hotel. I requested them to deliver it in my room. Everything was fine and I then remembered my wallet. A mere 200 bucks was left after I had tentatively paid my hotel accommodation plus the incidentals. I need to go the mall to withdraw. I had some difficulty withdrawing. I was so frustrated and panicky. What if I cannot withdraw?! Darn! I called my
mom, my sister, TJ . To no avail. I called Dex. Hehehe! I had no one to talk to and he was the only one available. He consoled me and said things that calmed my already freaking nerves. Fortunately, after a few tries in one of the many atms in the mall, I was too glad to see 6 bills of 500 pesos denomination came out from the atm. Hahaha!

After that, I had dinner at KFC. I only had coleslaw [my favorite] and a few bites from my chicken. That’s it. I headed back to the hotel and watched tv. I had fun watching 2 foreign shows. One was in Japanese and the other Chinese.

Let us hop to Day 2: This one was really pretty hectic to me. I fetched one of our speakers from the airport and after that on the way back, I went to the investments promotion center in Cebu and conducted a small interview. I was welcomed and I was able to get all the information that I need. It was so relaxing because I thought I will have some difficulty but it seems like I had been doing interviews for aeons. Even the questions I laid out to them, along the course of conversation, I was able to raise other significant matters.

After the meeting, my superiors who went on a plant visit while I was at the airport, well, we decided to have lunch together. I beg off and said that I will be going back to the hotel and check on the venue of the seminar since in an hour or so, we will be having the afternoon seminar.

What greeted me was pure shock?! It was not the set-up I requested and it almost made me freak-out. For Waterfront Hotel, that’s the second bull’s eye mark you did to me. Last March was the first. I promise, you will be hearing from me after a few days.

Anyway, with the assistance of 3 roving managers and the trainees [sorry guys, if you had your hands-on training so early], everything was almost perfect. My superiors did not even now that a few minutes ago, everything was amiss.

To cap it all, the seminar went okay and we decided to take the 730 pm flight instead of the prior sked of 930 pm. We proceeded to the airport and I told them I can negotiate if we can still get in the 730 pm flight provided there are still seats available. Yes, we were able to fly back to Manila with the desired schedule.

As expected,
Dex picked me up from the airport. I introduced him to our executive director, to my immediate superior and lawyer. Of course, my immediate superior had this funny, taunting smile on his face. Hahaha! Malicious guy!

Dex and I headed off to Baclaran and board up a bus to Ayala. We went to Glorietta and had dinner. After a while, we dropped by at Starbucks 6750 to meet TJ, Jovee, Mayk and Burn. We had some chit-chat and we headed home. Dex brought me home after some nagging. Hahaha! Unfortunately, upon reaching the trike station, it rained. I was not able to tell him what and where to ride. Goodness!

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