Friday, June 20, 2003

Morning, blog!

I have so many things to update since last week but my work as a researcher has really made me "aloof" from the Net. I don't want to rush myself in writing my thoughts down for it will turn out a monotonous, boring wordplay for me. I will write it when my mind is free from the mental overload I am currently experiencing.

It is Friday today and I am supposed to be rejoicing but I am feeling otherwise. I have a big headache and it is like a huge rock being smacked on to my head. Last Wednesday night and this morning while I was on my way to the office, I contemplated the tasks I have to accomplish before the Friday sun lapses into darkness. I even wrote it down while I was in the plane that will bring me back to the jungled city of Manila. Now that I am here in the office, sitting on this swivel chair, in front of my pc, I cannot bring myself to work everything out. My head pounds like hell and my mind refuses to cooperate. My state of being speaking from somewhere inside me tells me not to pressure myself, forget about work and just let time pass me by. To console my other rational mind [finding such idea revolting], I just told myself that I will focus on my tasks ahead with much diligence right after lunch. I will be seriously burying my head with this paperworks. I hope my sanity will be back soon and my headache gone.

While I am here, I might as well blog myself. Cebu? I love this place very much. Much like cosmopolitan Manila. The only distinct difference between these 2 great cities is that you can opt to live a hushed life. I am not saying life in Cebu is slower than Manila. It is just that you have the choice which to take. Manila does not offer such luxury. You always have to be on your feet and run like there is no tomorrow. Well, that is how I perceive it. A totally different perspective, though. Sometimes, I wonder if I say such things because my outlook in life has changed dramatically. The mundane things I used to enjoy were now a blurred vision of the younger, carefree me. I may still act like I am an immature, nonsense, careless being but I now see things in a different light.

Hmm... now I really wonder why my narration about my Cebu trip was not retold the way I expected it. Hmm... some things never change.

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