Monday, June 23, 2003

I am busy but I prefer to write my thoughts down. Hahaha! Am I exhibiting rebellion against my work? All I know is that I had been trying to condition myself not to be pressured and harassed by the demands of my bread and butter. So far, I am a certain level. But it scares me to sense that the enthusiasm I have before had absolutely dwindled. I wish I can alter this terrible mindset of mine. How I wish?!

But I tell you, today I executed my tasks with utmost leisure-like feeling. I am as calm as the sea on a storm-free day. Maybe my efforts on self-conditioning is working. Good for me.

Regarding my Sunday, oh well, I woke up late as usual but not the usual 11 am. I forced myself to jumpstart my day @ 9am. Hehehe! Just a mere 2 hours from the weekend routine. I cleaned my room, changed my bedsheets and piled my messy stuff in one corner of the room. I really ought to buy a new closet for my bags and a cabinet for my books. Darn!

Afterwards, I had my brunch and then helped my mom with some of the chores. [She has some guests coming, so I heard]. Anyway, I left the house at 3pm. I met a friend and watched a movie. Hehehe! Finally, I was able to catch Tanging Ina. That movie was really hilarious! There was one scene that really made me cry [about mother's sacrifices for her kids]. But then, my crying spree was cut short by a burst of laughter when she added some unwanted lines picked up from a dramatic scenario. Really! Ai Ai is absolutely comic. I love they way she delivers her lines. She knows good timing. I say this because once in a while, in my college days, I used to watch her perform and impersonates people with Allan K. We watched it twice. My companion, I think, was also humored by her antics. He was laughing nonstop...hehehe! [I know you are reading my blog. I cannot even tell everything here kc you know my blog eh..:bonkself:]

After the movie, *hmm* what did we do afterwards ba? It was almost 9:30 pm. *think* As far as i can remember, we trailed the Mstrip area and scouted for a place to dine. We chose the Superbowl. I had my usual braised beef [what a big serving for a tiny stomach?!] and my partner-in-crime (hehehe!) ordered porksteak. (porksteak nga ba?) =) I requested him to pick on my food since I will not be able to finish it.

On the side, we chatted nonstop. Kung ano man yon, sekwet! =) Hahaha!

Afterwards, we decided to head for home. Well, I guess he already knew his way out of the northern metro. He never dared ask me since he discovered his way out when I did not inform him the first time he brought me home. Hehehe! =)

By 11pm, I was already home and you, you had to travel south so you can retire for the night.

Off-topic: I missed potato corner and my black jelly...

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