Monday, June 23, 2003

Oh well, does he sense that I am avoiding interacting with him? He cannot blame me. I do not care if I appear so nonchalant when he is around. It doesn't matter, who cares?! After I was immersed in the simple life of the people in the remote area of Batangas during my college practicum, I learned a few valuable things in life. One of them is that: treat people nicely and if ever you are superior to them, treat them fair. I knew for a fact that I changed since. I tried to treat people nicely and fair.

I had heard before that sometimes he has a tendency of high tone outburst. Well, I had my own share with him in Cebu. I can accept that if the thing he was "blasting" about was my fault. It was entirely not mine. It was his subordinate. I just did not retort back for I was almost in tears. I had worked in this firm for 3 years and never did I encounter such things. Only now...

I won't be bidding him goodbye when I leave the office tonite. I don't give a damn, even a single bit.

Nah, the rebellious me...

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