Monday, June 23, 2003

I haven't blog myself yet on my recent trip to the mountains. Was it almost 2 weeks? Hay...Pico de Loro is very memorable to me. It reminds me of my college practicum.

- I miss Nasugbu.
- I miss Hacienda Looc and its 5 towns.
- I miss the sands and river of Calayo.
- I miss first foster parents in Calayo.
- I miss the boys of Bulihan for they are my basketball peers.
- I miss the stonehouse in Papaya.
- I miss the beautiful Looc.
- I miss my parents there - their warmth, their love.
- I miss my sisters and brothers in every town I stayed at. They taught me everything that they know.
- I miss the stories that they tell me every single day of my stay there.
- I miss the merrymaking.
- I miss cooking their native food. I even miss their very own "kilawin".
- I miss the almost an hour boat ride to the town of Nasugbu.
- I miss the prickly sun on my burnt skin.
- I miss the salty waters.
- I miss the whisper of the trees at night.
- I miss lying in the bamboo bed and watching the stars appear at night.
- I miss the serenade of the local boys. I love to watch them from the window of the house and hear them sing.
- I miss the angry scowls painted in the faces of my foster parents everytime the boys starts serenading.
- I miss the richness of the fields that grow beneath my feet.
- I miss the early morning wake-up call so we can fish in the sea.
- I miss the touch of the fishnet in my hands.
- I miss riding the young horse of my foster parents in Bulihan.
- I miss the sweet, refreshing kiss of the wind on early mawnings.

Darn! I miss my life there!
I miss the hacienda.

When I go home tonite, if I have to rummaged through all my things just to find my college practicum paper, I will. I hope I have kept their addresses. I want to write them...and I hope they are okay.

Sometimes in life, you need to look back. You have to remember the things, the people that have molded you to the kind of person you are now. You have to keep in mind the good things and forget about the bad things. Once in a while, one must also remember that the big things of life came out from small things. It is only through remembering, recalling that one can experience the joys of the past; and it is only through reliving this past, one will be able to decide to lead the life that brings out the simple joys of our existence.

Supposed to be there's a picture here of Pico but the file size is too big.

I will be posting other pixes courtesy of Dex and the rest of the pack! =) But then, here is the link to Dex's site on Pico Climb - June 03.

Kaingay naman nitong boss ko sa likod. Gabing-gabi na eh. Minsan tuloy naiisip ko kung may kausap siyang mumu. :bop:

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