Saturday, June 7, 2003

If ever I am going to travel overseas, I would like to first land in this gorgeous country of Thailand. This country impresses me, lures me with strange sensations. I don't know why.

When I was in high school, I longed to see France in Europe. This G-8 member country boasts of untouched yet elegant beauty. But as I grow old, I realize how enchanting it is to find that here, in my very own country I can see those heart-stopping panoramic views of a lifetime. So, I dared to see them all.

In Asia, I long for Thailand. I still don't know why but I will soon find out what drives me to cherish the time that I will be walking along the paved streets of the city and taking shots of the elusive beauty of the countryside.

In Europe, France it will be. But I still do not know when...=)

Map of Thailand

Thailand's diverse geography offers an impressive range of activities. Northern Thailand's mountainous forests are renowned for their spectacular waterfalls, lush green scenery, caves, birds, and other wildlife. The exotic elephant safaris and trekking with knowledgeable guides to visit remote hilltribes have become very popular.

To be in touch with nature and to help conserve it for future generations, I have read that there are types of activities that were designed for responsible nature lovers. Appreciate the beauty, view its wonders, but keep it intact for others too. =)

Here are some of them:

Bicycle Tours

What a better way to fully appreciate the local lifestyle than by pedaling through those narrow roads that tourist buses can't penetrate? It is also a novel and good way to enjoy the natural wilderness and historical ruins.

Elephant Safaris

Experience lurching through the forests atop a pachyderm and learn to appreciate its mighty strength and agility, able to wade across deep rivers. Most elephant camps that offers treks are based in Chiang Mai, but elephant rides are also offered at tourist destinations in most resort towns.

Sea Cruises

Take a cruise and view the impressive scenery the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea has to offer. Travel in style and leisure.


Thailand offers ideal terrain for hiking, from the limestone forests of Krabi to the undulating mountains in the North, where many hilltribe people live. Head over to any national parks for nature-based trekking, teeming with wildlife, waterfalls, and other natural attractions. Some treks incorporate elephant safaris and other modes of transportation.

Walking Tour

Sometimes the best, and time-efficient ways to learn about Thai culture is simply by walking around, either plainly observing or immersing yourself with the people. Most walking tours involves temples within the same vicinity. And in Bangkok, sometimes walking is much faster than cars.

Wildlife Viewing

Some of the rarest, tropical animals and birds can still be found in the nation's national parks. The most common trips are birdwatching, but even a simple walk in any mountainous area will guarantee a sighting of at least some common animals found in Thailand: gibbons and monkeys.

For seekers of adrenaline rush and want more out of life [sounds like Sustagen Premium], anyone can take a pick of any of these thrill-seeking activities that will surelybe memorable. Whether you're a novice or expert, the skilled staffs and facilities ensures safety is their priority.

Cave Explorations

Because of Thailand's mountainous geography, particularly in the North, West and South, an abundance of natural caves are on hand for exploring. Some contain beautiful limestone creations, while others house sacred Buddha images. Though safe and vividly marked, most require a guide. Don't be alarmed if you should encounter sleeping, harmless bats.

Rock Climbing

This cliffhanging sport began in Krabi, with its scenic location and many challenging routes, but is now available at many sites throughout the country. The sport's popularity has picked up dramatically over the past few years, with the introduction of artificial wall climbing offered in most metropolis and resort towns.

Whitewater Rafting

Take your pick of the leisurely bamboo rafting on tranquil rivers in the North or the more exciting whitewater rafting in sturdy inflatable rubber boats in strong currents and rocky gorges. Umphang in Tak made whitewater rafting famous among locals and has earned a world class rating. Nowadays, many more places around the nation offer this thrilling ride, with class ratings from 1-5.

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