Wednesday, June 4, 2003

A palatable dinner @ Congo Grille, Ortigas!

It has been agreed that we will all meet on this day @ 6 or 7 in the evening, either in Makati or Ortigas. LA was having a workout in a Makati gym @ the Robinson's Summit and I was just in a nearby building, in PhilamLife Tower. We decided to meet up and head together to Ortigas to meet Jon, Jary and Mariel. Unfortunately, Mariel and Jary did not make it. Mariel cannot stay long for her available time was only from 6-8 in the evening and Jary was not feeling well. Mariel mentioned that PEX was up already. I cheered at the thought of it. =)

LA and I arrived @ Congo Grille way before Jon! Oh no, he made us wait. For how long, I don't know =). I really suspect that he tinkered with the NET first before showing up at the resto. Hmm... that guy.

LA & I ordered tapa and garlic cheese sticks for appetizer. I was kinda disappointed with the cheesesticks. As far as I know, sticks should be thinner. It wasn't! It was so big for a stick and fully loaded with cheese. It made my tastebuds go bland after a while.

We waited for Jon for...hmm. Anyway, finally he did arrive and we ordered my fave sisig and later on, another fave, sinigang. Too yummy, my sinigang. I really like it sour. Fresh and crispy veggie. But I was too full already from the appetizer so I was not able to maximize indulging myself with sinigang.

Also, we guys met up because I was planning to purchase a new mobile phone. I am pretty excited to own a new one. Despite my tight finances, I cannot forego this luxury. Hehehe! Well, what else do you expect, this is me! =)

From Nokia 8250, I want to have this fantastic phone - Nokia 3650. Jon was suggesting that I take a look at this new, upcoming unit from Sony Ericsson, the T610.

Hmm...*think* I have been a loyal Nokia fan. I really prefer Nokia but I find Samsung models too classy and cute. About Ericsson, I still have to check on that though. But I find this one nice, too. *thinking*

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