Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Too embarassing...

Sunday night, I was in bed ready to retire for the night. But it seems that sleep is still aeons away to visiting my consciousness. So, I decided to tinker off with my cellphone. I thought of checking my phonebook - to edit, to add and delete names since my sim memory for the phonebook is way beyond its capacity already.

Anyway, I saw this guy's name and I was pretty wondering who he is and why is his number in my cell. I then remembered that my officemate
TJ stored his number in my mobile since hers was low batt or something. Well, the 3 of us together with jhoanne, were on our way to Stock Exchange Tower to "raid" him for lunch. No actually, we really haven't met this guy and he is really friendly and funny. In short, "natutuwa kami sa kanya." We love his funny, out-of-the-blue comments. Out-of-the-blue has a different connotation, mind you.

So, it went like this. My strange & naughty mind took control of my sanity. Since I cannot sleep, might as well have fun. So I did stalk
papa luke. I forwarded him something and expectedly he asked who I was. Said I was his stalker. That I was really ready to stalk him for life. I texted dear tukayo franz and told her about it. She asked me what number did I text him. Suddenly, it dawned on me the dreadful thought that I have and it was true. Confirmed by this beautiful lady: I texted papa luke's sister's number. Goodness! I texted the wrong person. I was more than embarassed for what I did. Despite the advice of franz not to text back, I did. I cannot go to sleep thinking that I ill-humored somebody else. I really hope she wasn't mad at all.

All I can say is: "hinayupak ka,
papa luke! Nakakapanggigil ka! :bop: Hehehe!