Friday, June 27, 2003

So, unusual. I feel so damn cold, I'm freezing like ice....

I am so busy and yet feel so relax. I do not know why. For the past few days, I was able to accomplish and produce positive results regarding my work. Sometimes, research dulls me but other times, it motivates me. Pretty weird, huh! A few weeks back, I was at the verge of resigning, giving up my job. I don't know.

It seemed like I have been doing self-study about economics stuff. I focus more on 3 subject matters:
1 - Cement Industry, 2 - ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) and 3 - the RP-Singapore Petrochemical Issue. These topics are very interesting since they are mostly the contents of daily major broadsheets. I wanted to consider also the recent updates on the automobile industry but I think have to postpone it in a latter time. Too much information on my head will cause me mental overload...hehehe!

*Hmm* Aside from this, I have been trying so hard to clear my work area from thousands of paper, broadsheets and reports that have seemed to piled up like a mountain. As much as I clean them up, in a day or two, I will notice that it is much worse than before. Goodness! I hate working in a messy area because I feel so suffocated just by the sight of it.

Well, the clock hits 5pm already and
Dex will be here in a few minutes. He is quite early today. I think he is making up for yesterday. I sometimes wonder why he has to do all these things. I can very well take care of myself and he does not need to bother himself. I sometimes worry because he works at night on a 3rd shift, leave the office in the morning, {lately he leaves the office at 12 noon}, sleeps only for about 3-4 hours, picks me up at the office between 6-7 in the evening, have dinner together and wander around, brings me home till 11-12 midnight and he has to go back to Paranaque and reach the office by probably 1 am or 2 am. What does he think of himself? A robot? We always *argue* about this matter but I always lose. He lets me win all arguments except this one, he says so. Well, I don't like it.

Alright, I have to log off and face all these paperworks. Later, blog.

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