Sunday, June 29, 2003

Hullo, blog!

Let me recount the happenings in the past few days. I have been busy posting interesting reads from major broadsheets. *hmm*

June 24 - Manila Day! Since I am working in Makati, that means I have to go to the office that day and work my butt off unlike my sister. I think my mom did not go to work even though she works in QC. I was pretty worried that day because the driver said that there were lots of fools throwing water at passengers in the busy Manila streets. It is alright to be thrown at but the water that they shower on people stinks and smell foul. Yikes!

This day was also the special day of dear
Granny Jane who is currently residing in Los Angeles, Cali. Because I had been too busy with my work, I was not able to write her a letter which I had promised before. I feel so guilty. I was not even able to send her a e-bday card. I wish I can make it up to her.

That same night, I went to Megamall to meet with Jon, LA and Jary. This was an unexpected plan to meet for dinner. Very unusual. *think* Since Dex will be fetching me from the office that time, we decided to drop by @ the mall and meet them. I introduced them to Dex a few chit-chats, off we go. Honestly, I feel so awkward that time. I got my reasons which I prefer to keep for myself. I just hope I did not offend my dear good friends for leaving like that. I didn't mean to.

June 25 - Aside from meeting with Stephanie of Mandarin Hotel, I mostly spent the entire day doing research. Most of the time, I spent it on self-study about some few issues about trade matters.

As usual,
Dex picked me up from the office and had dinner together and then head for home.

June 26 - Nothing new about work, very relax and I checked my already mounting emails in my yahoo account and another private account. Downloaded some pictures and saved it in my hard disk. By lunch time, LA and I satisfied our lunchtime hunger at our canteen at the PhilamLife Building. He spent the morning at the gym nearby. Besides, we had some stuff to talk about. Serious stuff??? *hmm* It is mine to keep... After lunch, I told him that I need to go to Citibankto encash my cheque [I do not have any cash anymore since I used it all up during my Cebu business trip]. He came along and went back to Paseo de Roxas with me. Afterwards, we separated ways for it was almost 13:30 hours - I have to go back to the office and him, to meet a "friend". Hehehe! =)

I was supposed to tell someone about a special thing but things did not work out as I expected. Maybe things will work out in its own course. Hope I am making the right decision. =)

June 27 - TGIF! *hmm* We had the usual end-of-the-month company luncheon meeting at the office. I have forgotten all about it. Good thing that my college pal and I cancelled the supposed lunch meeting. She was supposed to be around Makati but some schedules of her had to be changed due to some unforseen emergency.

At the strike of 5pm, I started to tidy up my work area. It is a Friday and I do not want to leave it as it is. I do not want to go to work on Monday and see my table like it was damaged by some hurricane!

Since I expected that someone will be fetching me, I decided to pack early and bid my immediate superior goodbye. The executive director was there, too. As usual, they really find it too amusing to tease me and the others when they learn that some guy was outside waiting for any of us girls. I thought my immediate superior will check him out because he was already from his swivel chair and on his way out. Good thing he did not. *Are Japanese really plain chismoso?* That always makes me wonder...

Dex picked me up and I sort of gave him a cold shoulder for we had a little misunderstanding that morning. Sometimes, sending text messages can really be a pain since you have to shorten some explanations and even though, you can send more SMS, tendency is for you to get tired of texting back. [But one thing I know is that, our monthly billing statement will turn out to be a shock for both of us =)] Anyway, I changed my mind and decided to be nice for it was entirely my fault. Hehehe!

June 28 - I woke up early @ 8am and I guess, the reason was because my mom, my sister and my brother will be leaving. I was too surprised because I did not expect them to be out of the house on a Saturday except for my sister who is having her CPA review. My brother usually leaves the house on a Saturday during late afternoons. I learned my mom was on an overtime spree regarding their project. Papa, on the other hand, was upstairs doing his own stuff.

Since I will be leaving the house by lunchtime, I decided to do some chores at the house. But I had fun cooking lunch for my father. I cannot find anything nice to cook. I thought I will be either cooking hotdog and bacon for lunch since I cannot find any pork, chicken or beef in the refrigerator. I checked the other ref and there I found pork. That time, I do not prefer to eat anything fried so what I did was to cook steak. Porksteak! As usual, I drowned my steak with too many calamansi {yum yum}! I thought my father will not like it but when I got home that night, I did not hear any complaint about my specialty. Hehehe!

About my usual Saturday escapade, I really had fun. I had a movie marathon watching Chinese movies. I watched
So Close and Fist of Legend! =)


I am just here at home burning my net account..hehehe! I have been checking mails, surfing, looking for my favorite songs. I feel too lazy to read the current news eh. *hmm*

Yehey! :bounce2: I found it! Ooops, somebody found it for me!!!

by Celine Dion

Take me back in the arms I love
Need me like you did before
Touch me once again
And remember when
There was no one that you wanted more

Don't go you know you will break my heart
She won't love you like I will
I'm the one who'll stay
When she walks away
And you know I'll be standing here still

I'll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart
I'm the one who wants to love you more
You will see I can give you
Everything you need
Let me be the one to love you more

See me as if you never knew
Hold me so you can't let go
Just believe in me
I will make you see
All the things that your heart needs to know

I'll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart
I'm the one who wants to love you more
You will see I can give you
Everything you need
Let me be the one to love you more

And some way all the love that we had can be saved
Whatever it takes we'll find a way

I'll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart
I'm the one who wants to love you more
You will see I can give you
Everything you need
Let me be the one to love you more

I always hear this song but I cannot make out the title. But then, I had a hunch it was Celine Dion who sang it. =)


Last Thursday or Friday I think, INQ7 changed its online lay-out. *hmm* I think I prefer the old lay-out. It appeared more like a real online broadsheet to me. I find the new one a little bit dull and confusing. "Parang it is so disorganized." Oh! Just my 2 cent's worth.


I liked this line ha, find it so sweet! =)
and i have lived all my life knowing that i will do what i can to keep u safe and happy...

eto mejo corny pero puede na...
i just did not know then who "u" was... till i met you

Posted below is a poem given to me by a guy who got it in turn from his mom's journal. Very nice! Hay...=)

what do you call this feeling
i feel deep inside my heart?
it's something i cannot fathom
i wonder how it did start.
probably the day i met you
but i can't remember when
the only thing i'm sure of
it was somewhere now and then.

my heartbeat starts to double
each time i see you near
with that specialness about you
that makes you very dear.
and how you fill my thoughts
every moment of each day
makes me keep you in my mind
in a special kind of way.

then, when darkness begins to claim
the hold it has on me
still, there, in a dream, you are
that's how it shall always be.
'til the first wink of my eyes
brings me again to think of you
and with a prayer, blooms a day
that starts and ends with you.

i guess i started living
the time i felt this way
for what good is life without you
this much i can say.
but i'd live through it anyhow
though with "if only's" and "in dreams"
for i cannot let you in my secret
it wouldn't be right, it seems.

yet, i have tried to forget you
God knows i have tried
and when i say, "i've succeeded"
my heart knows i just lied...
but if i could only tell you
then, perhaps you would tell me too
what to call this feeling
created, by you.

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