Thursday, June 5, 2003

Whew! The meeting is over.

Anyway, I feel so sleepy. My eyes are kinda puffy and I keep on blinking my eyes. Napagkakamalan tuloy na nagpapa-cute ako. Oh, just like last night! Di ba, Papa Mike? :lurker: Honestly talaga, I wasn't. Hehehe! I have been experiencing this uncomfortable pain in my eyes and they easily dry up.

Ayan, di na naman ako nakapag-church! Blasted! Whenever I plan to attend church services, it always never happen. I know the :devil: lurks around. Hey, you! If you think you can hoodwinked me, do forget it. You can for a while but I know myself better than you do! Enjoy it while you can coz it won't last! Just wait for the day I will be back in church and active. =)

I still have to finish what I have been doing before the meet. :grr: I cannot and I do not want to leave without wrappin' up everything. I still have to do tons.

Phone calls! Those prank callers! Eh kung putulin ko kaya mga fingers nila.

I wonder if I will be able to meet them today? I'm exhausted na, physically and mentally. Blasted! I got a sore feet, too. My shoes are giving me "paltos."

It's almost past 7... gotta hit something before logging' out.

Later, blog!

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