Thursday, July 31, 2003


13:30 - Obvious ba, tinatamad ako mag-work! *okay* Start working...

14:00 - I feel Shokoi! I need something to chew to drive away my sleepiness! Oh yes! I got 2 mints left, one Max candy and a Mentos...Need to get back to work.

14:30 - Well, nanguya ko na lahat yung mga candy ko. Mejo nagising na ko mula sa "dreamland."

14:35 - Lalo ako nagising nang marinig ko ang isang huntahan. Somebody called the office asking if we will be conducting a seminar on waste management. When I was in Projects, we do have but it is more of Industrial Wastewater Management. My officemate yelled like something that they have one on Vegetables. Does garbage and vegetables sound alike? Hehehe! *peace* I cannot help but laugh at the hilarious exchange. I told her it is garbage, not vegetables. She laughed and said they do not handle that. Hehehe! She said why garbage, it's vegetables. I replied back: "Why? Doesn't vegetable processing and packaging do not entail garbage or waste generation? Hehehe! We both laughed at this. Honest, it shook my sleepyhead with funny thoughts....hahaha!

Back to work! Focus on AFTA and WTO.

15:15 - So, my immediate superior left. Yipee! I got to fix some personal stuff in my drawer. Total mess!

I wonder why I always happen to encounter websites that remind me that life is just a thread away, huh?! Check this out. The Death Clock

I have a BMI of 18 and that I am underweight! I am gonna die on a Thursday on the 9th of August - Year 2057. I only have 1,704,832, 821 seconds to live.

*hmm* Last time, I was told I will die on Year 2040. Sometimes, I wonder how it feels like to have your breath slipping slowly away from you...

Better to think how I can absorb all these economic issues rather than mull about death! Hey, Ivan! Get back to work!

16:00 - Uy, 6.6% higher than this year's appropriations? Wow! Nice! A whopping PhP864.8 Billion for 2004's government budget. *okay* Got it! Iwanan ba ako ng trabaho. Compare and Contrast 2002, 2003 and 2004 proposed and ratified government appropriations. Well, except for 2004 ratified GA because Malacanan is just about to submit to Congress the proposed budget by August 6. Budget deliberations will end by mid-September.

Before I can analyze stuff, I need to acquire a copy of those documents? Whom to call? What agency? Check NEDA and DBM first. *crosses my fingers* Hope I can get a copy.

16:30 - Oh yeah! I got my other documents from PhiCemCor. After so many days, finally! But of course, nadagdagan na naman ang babasahin at uunawain ko. To our messenger, Bert, thank you for picking up my documents.

Oops, he's back. Iww! Shokoi!

17:30 - Preparing for home. Cleaning up my messy workstation. Too many papers and books. I wonder where my superior is. Maybe he went downstairs to get Deli brewed coffee or he bought McDo stuff at the old IBM Building. *hmm*

Oh well, I went to the library and I was told he was in an emergency meeting. Yipee! Gotta finish this fast before he comes back here. If he sees me here, most probably, another workload piling up. Besides, everyone has gone home except me.

17:45 - this is me... I will just meet Dex down there at the lobby.

Bye, blog!

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