Wednesday, August 6, 2003

What am I in My Past Life?

I was checking some emails and a link was posted there. It says, "want to know what you are in your past life?" Check me out and so I did.

I discovered I belong to the male specie in my last earthly existence and incarnated as a female in my present life. It also made known that I "popped out" from somewhere in the territory of modern Austria around the year 1750.

"Your profession was that of a dramatist, director, musician or bard." *hmm* Isn't that great? At least, even in my faraway past existence, I belong to a generation "tinted" with artistic blend.

My psychological profile in my past life...
It was deduced that I could have been a detective or a spy for I love to go places and investigate.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
I must learn how to conquer my jealousy and anger in myself; that I should understand that these weaknesses are caused by fear and self-regret.

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