Sunday, July 6, 2003

Looking for SELF...

Blogging on a mid-Sunday mawning!

I do not know why but when I browsed @ Pex, get an email from an old high school or college pal, I felt an overwhelming sadness. It is more of a longing I cannot seem to fathom. There is something inside me that wants to escape but for reasons I do not know, it seemed trapped. Am I missing something? Perhaps my individuality, my independence.

I am not getting bored nor being in the point of getting "sawa" in my current situation but as always, I need a certain balance in my life. The kind of balance that will put my life in a satisfactory mode. I have to rethink about the decisions I have made in the past few weeks of my life. I think I am going a little fast and missing the joys as I go along each day. I want to live my life the way I want it, as simple as happy as I can be.

I still want to do a lot of things before I becomes us. I still want to attain some goals I have set for myself. I still want to realize the things I promised myself I will accomplish once I have the time. Of course, people always say that a person always have the time. It is just plain time management.

As an independent being, a character that I, have honed myself into, I have crafted certain pathways of my life. Of course, destiny plays a role in everyone's life but I still believe that it is us that make our own destinies.

I am not trying to make a point here for anyone. I am trying to re-analyze the "self" that I am. I am wondering right now if it will be too much to ask. I am not yet ready and as I said, a little too fast for my taking.

I wanna take life as it is now. But I do not want to forego the simple things that makes me happy as an individual.

My only prayer is that to find where "self" really wants to be discovered.

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