Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Right now...

Currently, I am logged on here in front of my pc, typing the blues away the heavy downpour is giving me. Honestly, the rain gives me a kind of gloom too hard to fathom. It restricts not only my physical being but as well the entirety of being me.

I cannot seem to remember the happenings that transpired the past few days of my life. That means I have to let the days pass and forget about each day. *I wonder if I am experiencing amnesia or am I getting older?*

Since it is already past 3 am in the morning, I might as well refer it yesterday. Well, I did not report for work yesterday since I was stranded on my way to the office. Since Monday night, the rain never stopped from showering and splashing the whole metropolis. I knew there was a typhoon but I wasn't so sure at all if it was Typhoon "Gilas" or "Harurot" who is creating wet havoc in the metro. Despite the seemingly invitation, the weather teases me not to rise up from my comfy bed, I shook up myself with the conviction that I have to report for work since I have load of work stuff to accomplish. But to my frustration, it didn't end up that way. I stayed in the house, isolated myself from everyone and worked on my own.

I volunteered to wash the the pile of dishes in the sink. I missed doing this chore for quite a time. This is an all-time fave household chore that I never get tired of doing when I was in high school. Whenever I wash the dishes, I always have another thing to do while I accomplish this very enjoyable task. Either I am doing heavy thinking about school, boys, a lab experiment, a friend's dilemma, certain decisions, about life, etc. OR I am reviewing for tomorrow's chemistry/physics exam, a quiz bee or a recitation/exam for my Chinese language class. After finishing this chore, I will always find myself accomplished and assured that I will be doing great the next day. Pretty weird, huh!

Afterwards, I mopped clean the kitchen floor it was stinking slippery when i got there. Damn! I was pretty contented when I finished it. I decided to sweep the entire house of dust and trash. Afterwards, mopped it clean as well. Not much of a daunting task but it made me a little satisfied of doing a productive output for the day.

After resting and chatting for a few minutes with someone, I went back to my room and slept the rain blues away. I woke up a few minutes before 7 in the evening. When I woke up, I heard an unfamiliar voice in the house. I wondered whose guest it was. I took a peep in the slightly opened door to my room. So it was my youngest brother's girlfriend. *hmm* I had the gut feeling she will be staying [as usual] for the night. She usually does whenever she and my brother have to beat a deadline for a paper or whatever school paper it might be.

Oh anyway, my mom told to take my dinner so I did. Everyone had dinner except for me and my younger sister who was still sleeping. [She just got back from her CPA review class] What I saw in the dining table made me feel hungrier than I ever thought I was. I was wondering who will be drinking, who will be coming then. "Sinigang, sisig, tortang talong and tocino." I had a bigger bite of the first 3 dishes - they are my faves after all. I lavishly tasted and bit my food. Yummy!

After dinner, I decided to {work my butt off OR should I say, stretch my tummy straight} since I am still full. For the nth time around, I started on the countless pictures and negatives that were scattered in my bed. These were photos that I have taken for the past 5 months of my travels and other escapades.

I tried to file and document the photos accordingly. Same goes for the negatives. I was revved up as I went along the task. At first, I found it easy trying to match which photo goes with what set. But as I go along, the task wore me on. I still have a couple of used films to bring to the photoshop and have them developed as well as negatives for recopying to be given to the desired recipients. Despite the setback, I still forced myself to finish everything. I was able to but there were some loops to fix.

After keeping those photos and negatives, I tidied my bed. The sports bags and the "kikay" ones that graced my already warlike-area-bed were now cropped up in one corner. Papers and stationeries and books were piled up at the other side.

Everything that was messed up before was now a picture of a tidy and neat nook. I was happy with the result. Somehow, it made my bed a little neat and gave me a much bigger space to stretch on when I sleep.

Afterwards, I lazily lie in my spacious bed, composed a few lines for a poem and wrote a letter. I was doing this while I was waiting for my brother to finish doing his stuff in the computer. By past 2 in the morning today, he was done and ready to go on a slumber.

I logged on the NET and did what I have to do. I checked my 2 email accounts and read and replied and forwarded and deleted and removed spammers. On the side, I surfed for new interesting sites and updated my blog. While waiting for those web pages to download, I had research papers to read. While my eyes read on and my mind absorbs everything, I had my ears hooked up listening to Bon Jovi {compiled songs in a CD}.

So much for multitasking!