Friday, August 22, 2003

Allergy Attacks…

It was just a few hours after the Saturday sun had risen in the bright horizon when I noticed something peculiar.

I was lazily lounged at the sofa studying a chapter from my Nihonggo book when something atypical caught my still-sleepy eyes. I had minute, not-so-reddish spots growing on my lower arms. That day, I only had them in both lower arms. To this day, I already them in both arms – upper and lower, neck, nape, chest and abdomen. Before it was not much of a bother. It was not even that itchy.

What got me worried was the thought that it might be something contagious. I do not want anyone catching a virus or even what ailment it might bring to someone. I thought it was probably smallpox or measles. I do not even know what the distinction is between the two. I do not even want to know.

Lately, I find the weather a little hot and prickly for my unwelcomed spots. The heat irritates my spots more that they do to me. Talc and menthol ointment were unappreciated by my shameless spots.

The second reason that drove me to see a doctor was I got worried. I had been doing some light scratching and I was worried it will do more damaged to my already “damaged” skin. Hehehe! Call me vain but is it a sin to care and be concerned how I might look afterwards?! I was not gifted with a light, smooth, supple skin so I cannot be blamed for being so worried about scars and unwanted, undesirable scratch marks.

The finality – I filed for a leave from work Wednesday and had a check-up in Makati. The doctor asked me if I had allergies and I vehemently denied that I never get allergies at all. “Balat kalabaw nga eh.”

She did not believe me! Can you believe that? I do not think I am allergic to food. I had been raking this head of mine thinking what I had taken the entire Friday – breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between meal snacks. For the life of me, I cannot remember one distinguishable edible item that I have taken that will cause such itchy attack.

One thing that caught me thinking and I was considering that it might be really an allergy was the mention of soaps. She asked me what soap I am using. Am I using strong scented soaps? *hmm* Did I change bath soap? Well, I am not using those irritable, perfumed-smelling soaps but I did change the one that I was using before this hateful spots started to appear. Last month, I switched from using Godiva to Ivory soaps. I was doing my grocery then and since there were no Godiva stocks, I opted to use Ivory. I really find it ironic thinking about Ivory soaps’ byline.

The doctor prescribed to me an intake of Claritin tablets per day for a week. Another prescription is to use this Oilatrin soap continuously. If nothing happens after a week, I was told to go back and seek her again.

I realized that my so-called “carabao skin” is susceptible to allergies. “Sensitive pala ng skin ko…” hehehe!

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