Saturday, August 16, 2003

Boring, Busy Saturday...

Yesterday, my Research Director was supposedly out of the country for a 2-weeks vacation. I admit I was awaiting such departure. Not because I had plans of not going to work or kill my time over some unproductive work. The reason was otherwise.

I was longing to finish all my pending research tasks over a period of 3 days and afterwards, delve on new ones that will make my superior a little surprised when he gets back. I can still do this since he had just moved his departure date, today. actually, at this very minute, he is already on board on a JAL plane.


Last night, I was also supposed to attend the
PEX Congo Grille EB. Unfortunately, the heavy downpour stopped me from doing so. My boyfriend and I were already at the Ortigas area. We just hang-out in the mall, waiting for the rain to drop down a little bit. I tried to call up Jovee, TJ, Paul and Jorry to check if they were already there. No one answered my call except for dear pal, Jorry. He said they were already there. I told him that we were on our way. Just a few walks away.

I already planned to hail a cab but doing so, was futile enough. Lots of people were wanting to get one and the number of cabs passing by can be counted by your fingers. We waited for a while but still, to no avail. In the end, we decided to go home. I was really wanting to go since I want to see again some good friends of mine whom I haven't seen for a long time. Somehow, I got disappointed and made my spirits low.

I texted
Jorry and told him that we're heading home because of the rain.

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