Friday, August 8, 2003

Cold out here...

It seems like I cannot finish updating this "blasted" blog of mine. I am currently doing some revisions on the side. Anyway, I will have it done tonight or late Saturday night.

It is our lunch break today and I still got a running 45 minutes for my spare time. Now, I am blogging!

So, what did I have for lunch? *hmm* After a week of "fasting" {hehehe} on siopao or pizza, I decided to include rice in my meal. I had fish guinatan and a cup of rice. Oh right! Yes, I am trimming down my rice intake since I eat a lot lately. Hehehe! Rice seems to have a great hypnotic effect on me!

It is TGIF today and I wish the rains will stop. I am looking forward to a night of malling and probably, light shopping spree. I have been meaning to splurge a couple of thousands for additional stuff on my wardrobe. Actually, I really do not have any savings anymore but the urge is so great to spend. I am rethinking of starting (again!) to save after 2 months. Hehehe! Maybe after this splurge, I will save for my future.

It is kinda cold here in the office. Rather, I am freezing ice here! My bones seems to chatter in the coldness of the air conditioned environment. I wish the building administrators will adjust the aircon level to the tolerable range in relation to the weather outside.

I still have a less of a day to accomplish my pending deadlines. I will try my very best to finish them. Dorky me! I forgot to read my Economics book about something. I have a little difficulty relating that item to my weekly macroeconomic indicator report. Oh well!

The things written here sprung up from my mind at random so please, excuse my ability to organize my thoughts in writing. I write what my mind tells me so. Anyway, I have to do some other stuff so till then.

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