Thursday, August 7, 2003

@ this moment...

At this very moment, drowsiness seems to be getting the better of me. "Ang sarap matulog, promise!"

Anyway, I had been and have been pre-occupied with my work as a researcher. Despite the demanding workload, I did not find myself rattled by the pressure it entails. In fact, I found myself rather relaxed and enjoying the "independence" in accomplishing my tasks. Good enough!

For the past few days of the work week and that of last week, I was a little bit relaxed and composed. The fitting word I think, is that, more of being in-control. Being out-of-control makes me a little bit frustrated because I cannot handle things the way I wanted them to be. I cannot perform my own act the way I can accomplish it. Independence drives me to excel and tests my capabilities as a person and a professional.

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