Wednesday, August 13, 2003

The Lazy Me...

Good Mawning, blog!

I haven't blog much in here for the past 2-3 weeks, I think. What were posted here were mostly, for reading and info kicks. I really did not find the time to sit down and think and write what had happened for the past weeks. I am up to revising my blog contents but I still have to check and learn how.

Last night, Dex picked me up and watched the movie, Naked Weapon. Ganda nung movie but it was kinda violent. {Pano kaya naging maganda ang isang violent movie? *hmm*}

Here is the synopsis of the movie:

The movie, wriitten by Jing Wong, is about young girls abducted (some lured by promises of wealth) into the training camp of one Madame M to be her next elite international assassin.

The film opens with CIA agent-in-training Jack (Daniel Wu) on assignment somewhere in Europe. Jack and two fellow CIA agents are tracking one of Madame M's killers in hopes the female assassin will lead them to Madame M herself. (All of Madame M's assassins are drop dead gorgeous females who use sex as a weapon, although they can kill whole battalions and still look like supermodels in the process.) The surveillance goes wrong and after a firefight, Jack is the only survivor.

With her latest assassin dead, Madame M pursues new recruits, and finds two in Charlene (Maggie Q.) and Katt (Anya). Charlene is the daughter of a wealthy socialite, but Katt is a street urchin who boxes grown men (and beats them) for her daily meals. For Katt, Madame M's vicious training island, where armed men stands guard and recruits are weed out by way of execution on a daily basis, is her ticket off the streets. Charlene, who was abducted, longs for home. The two girls, both 13, become close friends, forming a bond that hints at being something more. Fast-forward 6 years later, and Charlene, Katt, and another girl emerges as the 3 survivors of Madame M's 6-year long boot camp. (All the other recruits have perished during the "training" process.)

Before we watched it, we had a take-out at McDo since I was craving for my choco sundae. I was the one who devoured the 2 orders of french fries. Ain't I "matakaw"? Hehehe!

The night would have ended so well had I not ruined it. My tantrums got the better of me. It was like I was being overly too sensitive {notice the redundant superlativity of my last few words} over some matters not worth worrying about. Lately, I kinda noticed the trend. "Nagiging tampururot akong masyado ha!" I always tell myself: Hey, get a grip!

This morning, I woke up with a heavy head. I am not so sure why. Maybe it had something to do with where I slept last night. It was rather a hot and humid night. Despite feeling sleepy, I could not bring myself to my bed and renounce my consciousness to the welcoming slumber. I decided to pass of the heat by reading a book and staying in the sofa in the living room with the electric fan blasting on. It had been a while after when I finally get to sleep.

I was awakened by the bright light streaming from the outside. I checked my mobile phone for an indication of what time it was. Darn! It was past 7 already. I had to hurry and do my stuff before Dex arrives to fetch me and bring me to the office. [By the way, he has been doing that for the past 2 weeks now. Imagine that! All the way from his place of work in Paranaque, he will fetch me at home, bring me to the office and later in the afternoon, after office hours, he will pick me up again, have dinner together, play Timezone or watch a movie then bring me home for the night and him going back to Paranaque to work on a 3rd shift. Honestly, this guy really impresses me!]

Anyway, my head is pounding and my nape, a little stiff when I got up. It really hurts. To lessen the burning ache in my nape, I massaged it. I thought a little flexing of the muscles will reduce the pain.

arrived a little earlier than the usual. I was still dressing up when he came up at the house. My mom accommodated him and urged him to have breakfast. While he is having one, I was getting ready, in a hurry so as not to be late.

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