Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Evening, blog!

I just got home a few minutes back. I was in a hurry to leave the office. My superior was out the entire day and I do not want him to see me still in the office after 5. He might delay me from leaving and I was so eager to go to Timezone and play. Dex was supposed to pick me up from the office but I decided against it. I called him up and told him to check me out at Timezone G4.

Upon arriving, I loaded my Timezone card with 500 credit. That means 500 bucks splurging on a few minutes of fun. It doesn't matter at all. What matters is that I am enjoying myself.

Well, I had a 2 flash drives of Daytona and a hit from basketball when Dex finally arrived. For the first flash, I won the first place among the 4 guys I was "driving" with. For the second one, I tied up for a second place with this cute guy {still wearing his long sleeves and then later on, rolled it up} driving on my left side.

Afterwards, I had 3 more basketball hits and Dex, 2 hits. To complete the zest, one more Daytona drive.

I was kinda disappointed with my score in basketball. Normally, I reach the 30th score for a shot. But lately, I am always down between 22-26 score shots. Not bad at all but still, I prefer to indulge in getting a higher score.

The bad thing is, Dex is catching up and my! He plays well. Such a good challenger. I am up for a rematch!

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