Wednesday, September 3, 2003


As mentioned a few hours ago, all national staff {that includes me}, had a meeting with our Executive Director. Together with the Deputy Executive Director and Associate Director, our meeting lasted for about 30 minutes or so. There were two (2) issues or concerns raised in the meeting. Our ED did almost the talking. Basically, our organization {as it is aptly referred to} will change its status in October. From being a foreign government agency, we will be acquiring a much different status. They call it: the IAA or the Independent Administrative Agency. From thereon, we will not be under the Japanese Government anymore. In short, we will be independent of decisions and management from the concerned government agencies. From being a public government entity, we will now undergo a transition to being part of the private business community.

In the course of this transition are advantages and disadvantages. It is always the same, among other things though. The only difference is: which outweighs which? In shorter elaboration, will the advantages outweighs more the disadvantages or is it vice-versa?

The second issue that was discussed was regarding our salary increase. We were supposed to receive it last July but for reasons beyond us, we did not get it. We did not received any word about it, until this day.

Our superiors had been "fighting", negotiating and arguing with our
Head Office in Tokyo that we should have increments in our salary. Throughout our ED's explanation, we really had no idea what the matter will be. While listening to him, I have been guessing in my mind that we will not receive any increment at all. I got my thinking, too. I was weighing his words.

To cut the story short, we will be receiving something after all. A mere 3% increase in our salary. We used to enjoy {as far as I can recall} at least, 6% every year. Another cut will be in our 14th month pay. From receiving a one month's salary, all we will be getting will be 50% of it.

I know there will be other cuts to other privileges we are still enjoying right now. But whatever they may be, I just hope it will not be too much of a burden for us.

On the contrary, I do not want to elaborate how I perceive everything but there is this nagging feeling that we {the national staff} are at the losing end. I understand their points and suggestions but during these hard times, I wonder if any of us will even stay for the next 2 years...

Well, I already have my plans even before this meeting materialized in the head of our ED. I am just awaiting some opportunities to "pop up" in the next few months within the year. The coming months will be the deciding point if I will stay or not. Honestly, I had already hatched this plan in my head since last year but some factors keep coming up. Things blew off because other things kept on happening, too.

What I really have in mind is: this is a MAKE or BREAK for me!

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