Wednesday, September 3, 2003

The BookFair...

After the meeting with our ED, I went back to my work station and tidied my place. I called the security thru the intercom if the person I was waiting for was already around. He said yes.

Dex was already 'camped' out in the office lobby when I came out. I requested him to accompany me to go to SM Megamall. I told him that I would like to check-out the event happening at the MegaTrade Hall.

I was too glad to have visited the ongoing
24th Manila International Book Fair. I felt so overwhelmed by the countless of books that surrounded me. I was money-broke but the few hundred bucks that were stashed in my wallet did not deter me from buying a couple of books.

Lots of books were on the shelves and one can choose from the vast arrays of genre. I was on the look-out for poetry, prose, documentary, other non-fiction books. I also saw varied books on the Philippine economy, politics and the likes but I stayed away from them. They are nice reads but the thought that I have been reading such kind of books since college and even now in my job in research brought out a woozy feeling.

The prices of the most-sought-after books are really amazing. One can even find the best buys ever.

*hmm* I will be checking it out again since the
Book Fair will run till September 7th, Saturday. The event started last August 30th.

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