Thursday, September 4, 2003


I experienced 2 kinds of negative emotions yesterday. The first one was: ANGER. I woke up early, left the house very early, only to find myself cueing at a long line for a ride at the fx station. Well, I understand that this was because of the heavy downpour that caused the access roads to be flooded and in turn, make traffic movement very slow. But still, it made me curse for the never-ending line that happens almost everyday.

The second one was:
ANXIETY. The reason why I went to the office early was because I had to prepare for a little presentation. I knew it was easy but it had been a long time since I did that. I thought I lost my confidence to stand in front and deliver my lines. Anyway, everything was okay.

Later in the afternoon {after ffice hours}, together with Dex, we went to the grocery to buy some essentials of mine. It turned out that I was also planning to buy something aside from my essentials. Added to it, I bought my favorite Gardenia loaf of bread, a ham spread {I decided to buy these 2 since every night, I am craving for a ham sandwich}, a pack of Yakult {I always drink this every morning thus replacing my 4 cups of caffeine intake} and Argentina corned beef {I was craving to have corned beef for dinner last nite, cooked with calamansi, tomato, potato and onions. Yummy!}

Anyway, I cooked the corned beef as I crave for it but minus the onions for there was no supply anymore in the house. Too bad!

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