Thursday, October 9, 2003

Been a long time ago and yet....

Up to now, I haven't updated this blog of mine. A lot of things had already happened, good ones and not so nice ones. I had been up-to-date with most stuff, heard about rumors and humor and thoughts had been running wild inside my overloaded brain.

I really wonder when can I sit down undisturbed and off from pressure? When can I just have coffee in my favorite, not-so-crowded cafe and with my pen and paper or even an old laptop laid down in a table? When can I unclutter my grey cells of thoughts and ideas bouncing nonstop inside my head? When can I just be oblivious of the world around me, even for just a mere an hour of solitude?

Sometimes, I wonder if I am really born to earn my toil in the corporate world or even if I do, will I still be in the same field? I just wish I can explore other options and be brave enough to take them head-on.

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