Thursday, October 9, 2003


Well, I will just be posting some nice stuff since I cannot do my own blogging...

The Heart of Letting Go!

Why do we have to part ways while the love is there? While the friendship is still bonded? Why do we have to cry when someone bid goodbye? Why do beginning has an end? Why do we have to meet only to lose in end?

There are questions left unanswered, words left unsaid, letters left unread, poems left undone and promises left unfulfilled!

In a relationship or even in friendship one of the hardest things to do is letting go and saying goodbye. It is hard as breaking a crystal, Coz you'll never know when you will be able to pick up the pieces again. More often than not they who go feel not the pain of parting, it is they who stay behind that suffers because they are left with memories of love and friendship...that never was meant to be and never was...

At the beginning and at the end of any relationship we are embarrassed to find ourselves alone, unfair as it may seems, but that's the way how it goes... that's the drama, the bitter, the sweet and risk of a relationship. After all nothing is constant but change, everything will come to its end, without even knowing when, without knowing how, without knowing why and we have to forget not because we want to but because we must...!!!

In letting go sorrow comes not as a single spy but in a battalion, it seems that everywhere you go, everything you do, every song you hear, every turn of your head, every move of your body, every beat of your heart, every blink of your eyes and every breath you take always remind you of him/her.

It's like a stab of a knife, a torture in the night...funny how the whole world becomes populated when only one person is missing. Just imagine there are four billion people on earth yet you feel lonely and empty without the other...

I don't know if it is worth calling an art, but letting go entails special skills, sparkle with a considerable time and space. Time heals all wounds but it takes a little push on our part. Acceptance plays a vital role. Not all wishes come true. Not all love story ends with "And they live happily ever after".

Sometimes we have to part ways because of circumstances beyond our control, we have to suffer if it would mean happiness for another, and we have to cry to temporarily let go of the pain. Every beginning has an end like every dawn has its dark, its something we can't control, and something we have to live up...

Its over he/she is gone, but life has to go on!! Goodbye doesn't mean forever, there will always be a time where questions will be answered, words will be spoken, letters will be read, poems will be recited in the night, songs will be sung in harmony and love will be expressed in solitude, and promises will be fulfilled somewhere, somehow and someday.....!!!!!

The Hug

It was one of those mornings. You know the type. Things are tense. Our infant son had been up all night. My wife's eyes (along with the rest of her) were weary.

My oldest son, the five-year-old, wasn't feeling his best either. He was slow getting ready for school. He understandably didn't feel like going.

It was just one of those mornings. You know the type. As I drove him to school, he was quiet. When parents are tense and tired, the children feel it. They know by word and gesture when their acts and attitudes are less tolerated. After being fussed at, he was sullen.

It was one of those mornings. You know the type. I walked him to his classroom as usual. He walked in, removed his coat and hung it up. I usually give my son a hug before I leave him in class. I knew today he really needed a big hug, and maybe, so did I.

He came forward with his arms outstretched. I bowed down, clasped my arms around him, closed my eyes and hugged him tight. Normally, I would only hug him for two or three seconds but on this morning, I held him tight as the seconds ticked by like dashed lines on the highway.

All of a sudden, I felt him get heavier. Still clinging to my son, I opened my eyes. I understood why he had gotten heavier. His feet were off the ground. He had curled his legs up and his heels were only inches away from his backside.

He clung. I clung.

Sometimes in life no words are needed. The MountainWings Moment is stated in a feel and a fold. As he folded his legs up and trusted his father to carry all of his weight, he didn't get heavier to my spirit.

I actually felt lighter.

It was a ritual repeated countless times through countless years from countless parents to countless children. The touch and embrace between a parent and a child, make them both feel more secure.


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