Thursday, October 23, 2003

I do not consider myself a poetic freak but I have always been appreciative by the power that poems invoke on people who read them. I may not be so adept in comprehending them nor knowledgeable on who composed them. I just happen to know some poets whom I have admired though time and who have nurtured in me a different kind of passion. Poetry it seems, makes me realize that I am human, too.

often your task will be many,
and more than you think you can do...
often the hills insurmountable, too...
but always remember...
the hills ahead are never as steep as they seem,
and with faith in your heart, start upward
and climb 'til you reach your dream.
for nothing in life that is worthy
is ever too hard to achieve
if you have the faith to believe...
for faith is a force that is greater
than knowledge or power or skill
and many defeats turn to triumph
if you trust in god's wisdom and will...
there is nothing that god cannot do,
so start out today with faith in your heart
and climb 'til your dream comes true.

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