Friday, October 10, 2003

So, I did ate breakfast this morning at the building's canteen. I devoured a cup of fried rice, meatloaf, well-done egg and a requested 2-piece longganisa. In less than 10 minutes, my plate was as spic and span as the canteen's flooring.

As known to people who knew me, I really do not take breakfast. Five (5) cups of coffee will do me good and make me last till lunchtime. But it seems that my eating habits has been shifting. If before I used not to take breakfast and eat moderately during lunch, it now works otherwise. I go to the office early and have my breakfast at the canteen [I am becoming a regular breakfast-eater there] and while my colleagues are feasting on their packed or bought lunch, I am in my work station - either working my butt off, leisurely reading the Lifestyle and Sports Section of the broadsheets or simply napping away.

I even thought old habits die hard, so the saying goes.

The bad thing about this dining habit shift is that it makes me sleepy and drowsy by the time the clock hits 10 in the morning. And so, the sleepiness attack changed schedules, too. Darn! I used to complain that I feel sleepy when the bundy hits 2. Oh my...

It is lunch time already and I will be staying in this seat till the clock hits 5. I just asked someone to buy me a donut-piece so I can have something to munch on while working. I still have my choco bar inside my bag. Maybe later....

*yawn* *yawn*

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