Monday, November 3, 2003

Addicted to...Coffee

Ever since I met this wonderful guy, I stopped devouring 5 cups of coffee every time I wake up and another 2 cups upon arrival at the office. Slowly, I was able to reduce 7 cups to 5 cups to 3 cups to 1 and later on, none; not a single drop of caffeine flowing inside my system.

Mind you, it was really hard at first but I had gotten used to it.

Unfortunately, I have to revert back to my old addicting habit. Since I learned to take a heavy breakfast at the building’s canteen {I always arrived early}, the effect had started to show off at mid-morning. I tend to feel so sleepy. That was not such a good thing to happen especially when you wanted to jumpstart the morning, be alert and trying to make your mind work in an analytical speed.

So, I started drinking coffee again. Either I prepare it myself using an instant or a freshly-cooked brewed coffee from the office’s coffeemaker or buying it at the canteen’s Delifrance, the thing is: that caffeine somehow perks me up from my near-slumber; an ever-ready potent mental stimulant.

Days pass by and from one cup, I am already getting used to {again} drinking 3 cups. So much for addiction.

Coffee has a domineering aroma that ensnares the senses. It has a dark magic that stimulates a passionate fascination for just a mere steaming cup; for wanting a caffeine kick.

Oh yeah! How do I like my coffee? I prefer it as:
Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love.

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