Monday, November 3, 2003

My Kind of Guy...

Hehehe! I was reading the papers and I came across the article about the "stepping down" of Asia's longest-serving elected leader and my darn favorite statesman, Malaysian Premier Mahathir Mohamad.

This guy is really controversial, you know. Since college, he never fails to make a headline for himself. He is my favorite yes, and I do not mind the controversies he usually get himself into. He is just one practical, able, sensible thinking servant of Malaysia.

His last day as a prime minister was snubbed by
Australia's Prime Minister John Howard. When asked what will be his farewell message for Mahathir, he said he had no message for the Malaysian iron at all.

Mahathir had dismissed the bid of Australia to be accepted as part of Asia.

I am not being sarcastic but I laughed at the statement given by this man on the issue: He described Australia as
"some sort of transplant from another region."

It ain't funny but I laughed at the way this man deliver his lines.

Having served for 22 controversial years, this man was described as the "greatest Malaysian alive." Though accused of being "dictatorially" prejudiced to Muslims, he had ruled a multi-religious country.

He has been an outspoken supporter of Third World countries like the Philippines and a #1 critic of new colonialism in the international trading system; thus he was callously criticized by some developed countries.

It is undisputable how he had transformed his country from being a backward agricultural economy to an industrial powerhouse; from being a sick kitten to a growling tiger of Asia. [Oh man, that personification statement is so familiar...okay! I learnt it from one of my major subjects in college. I liked the sound of it. *lol*]

This is my guy!

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