Monday, November 3, 2003

Pity us, FPJ...

The reversal of the incumbent Prez from her December 30 announcement not to run for the 2004 elections has created havoc far from being resolved. In fact, it summoned a future disaster waiting to be unleashed.

So do I heard that
The King of RP Movies is being urged to run for the presidency? [Sarcasm painted on my face]

Oh, come on, give me a break! Do give us all, a damn big break!!!

I just cannot believe it! Clearly unbelievable.

I had known since that politics is such a dirty game to play. But do some STUPID people have to resort to such damn tactics?

Just because the current prez decided to run after all, the opposition would gather all the “potentials” & filter them thru a selection process to be the opposition’s standard bearer.

Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas kapag katulad nina
Ping Lacson at FPJ ang nahalal na presidente. Nag-iisip ba ang opposition sa mga pinaggagawa nila? Sa totoo lang, di ko lubos maisip kung saan pupulutin ang Pilipinas sa hinaharap.

Why do I hate
Ping Lacson?

Why? For the same reason that one of the respected senior fellow in a government think-tank mentioned to me: The guy is a killer. Sure, I may have been made biased by the media but in my own perception, he really plays the role. A very crooked criminal.

This sonofabitch [excuse the word] was an idol for me when he was still untainted by popularity and high rankings. In fact, I would ogle at him and watch his real life portrayed in a movie. Yes, I do admit I am one of those who watched his movie but then I was brought back to reality, brought out from my reverie.

So, what I do now? I only not scorned at him whenever I see his hateful face on TV, on billboards and I really hate hearing his voice over a radio interview.

With the charges he brought against the First Husband of Malacanan did not even make me believe he is saying the absolute truth. Not that I am saying that Arroyo guy is not guilty.

I just wish you nothing but you stumble and have your face broken!

For the generous, kind-hearted
FPJ, I do pray you will decide not to gun up for the presidency. I just wish you will follow your heart & not be urged by some movement who have their own vested interests in case you win [which I undoubtedly think you have a good chance of winning].

I know your buddy Estrada will support you. But of course, what are friends for? You are untainted of any corruption, very popular and the stakes of your winning is almost palpable. Please do not let yourself be used by unscrupulous, deceitful beings who are only after using your acquired [if ever] power to advance their selfish interests. It is such a shame that these kinds of people exist.

Think hard. You do not have the slightest experience in running a minute political unit, let alone, the entire Philippines. You may have the gold heart but in this dirty world, a good heart is not enough. You have to be strong and well-equipped in ordering people around.

Di ka pa nga tumatakbo eh, you’re still ‘contemplating” on the possibility and yet the currency market is already reacting to the news that you will likely accept the united opposition’s offer to be their standard bearer for the 2004 elections. Popular ka nga sa masses pero mukhang hindi ka yata tanggap ng business community. The perceptions is: foreign investors will try to get out of the country.

We are not just talking of politics here, it is more of economics. Economics is the thing that enables people to eat 3x a day; have food in their table – for their family to eat.

Economics is the very root that makes every single Filipino alive.

Tanong ko lang: Bakit kaya ang Pinas din na natuto sa nakaraan?

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