Sunday, December 21, 2003

Busy Day...

Yesterday was meaningfully spent. As usual, my mornings and early afternoons were dedicated to household chores. The difference was: I focused all my energy cleaning the kitchen area & the bathroom. I washed, wiped, scrubbed, and mopped clean the entire area. Afterwards, I did the same to my room & the living area but with less effort.

My combined breakfast and lunch were taken at exactly 3 in the afternoon. I was ravenous. Working at the house on Saturdays is a priority before taking in any food for the body. Being full makes me move slow and tends to make me dilly-dally. I am more hyper-active and finish my task earlier than expected if I have an empty stomach.

I was thinking of what I really planned to do afterwards when a thought struck me. As a New Year’s present for my mother dear [seems like she is getting a lot of presents from me lately], I decided to spend the money I was planning to give her to just buy groceries which will be used for everyday and for the upcoming New Year’s Eve feast. She has the habit of cooking something to welcome the New Year.

It has been a while since I have done a major shopping for groceries. My mom was kinda broke [been complaining to me so I took the hint...hehehe!] and somehow doing something for her to ease her burden make me happy and satisfied with myself.

I was planning to go alone but I decided to have my boyfriend tag along. We were supposed to go out but I was feeling tired of rushing and doing the same things during weekends. This kind of attitude is very typical of me. I always need to do things that are not becoming so usual and habitual. My personality always dictates a change of environment, habits, places and activities. Yesterday was when I decided that I would just like to stay home and do my stuff. Maybe because the house was quiet for the lack of human beings in it and normally, I would prefer to make the house spic and span when no soul is walking around to the floor that I had just mopped. My brother went to
Baguio and I am not sure when he will be coming back home. On the other hand, my sister is attending her CPA review class till the evening. My dad and my mom are just cramped in the 3rd floor with the television on and that suits me great [they know what I want when I stay in the house, armed with a broom and rug in both hands].

It was so evil of me to have treated my boyfriend so badly. I was a little pissed off when he arrived late. He was heavily stuck in a traffic jam and of course, I did not try to see the logic in it. Sometimes, I want to give myself a great whacking in the head for being so inconsiderate and the lack of ability to control my temper. While I was on my way to meet him outside the village area, I was trying to tell myself to be calm and understand the guy’s predicament. He came from the South and I live in the North. The holidays had made the streets jam-packed. I was conditioning my mind to go slow on him and let it go. I was successful, then.

But upon seeing him, I cannot help but give him a hard time. I was not able to hide my temper and was all the more pissed off when I learned that he had not eaten anything. It was almost past 6 in the evening. Trying to be nice, we just grabbed something at a nearby Greenwich fastfood. Lasagna for me and sesame pork for him. I tried to make the mood light by chatting animatedly because I do not want to spend the remaining time being grouchy. Besides, I was the one asking for a favor!

We chatted about the party he attended Friday night and I told him about my funny, boring trip back home from work. He was the first one to finish his food and since I have not finished mine and still wanting for garlic bread sticks [my favorite], he ordered for me.

Outside the mall’s minisquare, a lot of people were shouting and chanting. Performing was this smooth, fair-skinned, sexy starlet whose name I do not know. Typically expected, a throng of men were the ones making the crowd so thick.

I later learned that country singer favorite,
Nyoy Volante charmed the crowd with his famous and familiar lines: “Pana-panahon ang pagkakataon, maibabalik pa ang kahapon...” early in the afternoon.

Dex and I decided to just hit SM West. Before doing the grocery, we went around the mall and check out shops that caught our interests. Hehehe! I am so unfair. Always. Whenever I wanted to check out a shop, he will accompany me but when he checks out comic book shops or dvd/cd shops, I always complain and if he does not listen, I will leave the shop. As expected, he will follow me. Hehehe! I am spoiled.

Past 8 in the evening, I decided to strike the supermarket. Of course, I had to pull him there though he still wanted to wander around. I won. *winks*

He pushed the cart while I throw stuff in it. While doing the grocery, my tantrums resurfaced again. Wicked me. It seems I cannot let the day pass without arguing him. It was such a petty fight that I knocked off pride and let myself apologize. After all, it was my fault.

I thought bringing him along was such a bad idea but it was not. I had someone to push my cart which was getting heavier. On the side, it was really fun having him around for a company because for once, I had someone to make me laugh while I shop. Also, he learned how I shop for grocery and what I liked. Maybe, that will give him an insight [was that insight or a warning...hehehe] for the future.

It was almost 10 in the evening when we left the mall. There were still so many people. As I had planned, we will be taking a cab home but taxis were all occupied and he decided against it. The cab will be counting more than hundreds if we do. Besides, I had already, totally maximized my credit card limit. Hmmm...

Supposedly, a bus ride will do but still with the heavy load, we cannot join the rush hour. We decided to stand by and wait for 30 minutes and let the people waiting for a ride home thinned out. It was still so impossible to get a bus ride so we opted to take a jeepney ride that happened to pass by. We took 2 jeepney rides and a trike ride home.

Armed with a big, heavy box [which he carried] while I got 3 light, plastic bags, we reached home by past 11 in the evening.

To my dear, thoughtful boyfriend, it was really nice to have you around. Not for the big, heavy load alone but as well as for the presence and care you never fail to make me feel.

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