Tuesday, December 23, 2003


The saying: "when the cat is away, the mouse will play" has been chanting in my mind the moment I arrived here at the office this morning. My superior had already left for his home country this morning. Just a few minutes ago, his plane had already took off.

I just focused doing the urgent ones this morning and will start the other work [that he left for me to do in his absence] come January. I would rather clean up my work station, trash up the unwanted files and documents and just like this, do blogging when I feel like it. Hay, sarap ng buhay. Walang pressure. The only pressure for me is that I want to finish everything today before I go on vacation, too.

Ay, I got a stiff neck already. tambak pa rin mga files ko. Mag-uuwi na lang ako trabaho which I will start working on after I get back from my out-of-town trip. Excited na nga ako eh.

I have tons of things to bring home pala. Mostly personal. Chaka!

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