Sunday, December 7, 2003

Friendster and Spam Mails...

Kaloka naman ang Friendster! Well, not really that site but the people who keep on emailing in YahooGroups requesting everyone to add them in their own individual accounts.

Also, spam mails of advertisement types really make me go crazy. I even received mails offering sex services. Goodness Gracious! Are they really that desperate??! My account for blocking these email addies were already over quota so I cannot block them anymore unless I sign up for a paid account which I have no plans of doing. Ano sila? Masaya??!

I am complaining because I always spend more time deleting these blasted, damned mails rather than reading and replying to no-nonsense messages. Hay, buhay!

I just wish some people will have the consideration and common sense to think about these things.

Now, I can imagine myself giving them the slight whack in the head...

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