Sunday, December 7, 2003

This morning...

I woke up early this morning, @ 6:30. But the good feeling of lying in bed was so enticing that I decided to give myself a few more minutes which stretched to an hour. I was contemplating to have another 30 minutes more but I decided against it. In short, my will power won over my caprice.

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I launched on my so-called household conquest. I targetted first the sink area where an overflowing dirty dishes were awaiting a bath of liquid soap and water. After that, I wiped clean the dining table of fresh lime soap and water to relieve it of any unwanted stains and smell. Then, I brushed off the table mats to make them look clean and smell fresh.

With the sink already api-and-span, I decided to cook something, maybe for breakfast or for lunch. I cooked rice and while it was on, I sweeped the entire house and I had this enormous, plastic bag that I always bring with me whenever I clean the house. That big, plastic bag always follow me wherever I go around the house. It is my movable trashbag; I can throw unwanted, unnecessary stuff which my mom keeps on piling up almost everywhere. My mom and I keep on arguing about this - while I hate storing things that she will not be using for 6 months or a year OR which are stored more than enough she can use for a year, she would rather keep them, argue with me and reason out that she needs them but only to find it after a few weeks thick with dust! My always solution to that is: Clean the house when she is not around; have this big, plastic bag stuffed basically with MY trash (so she would not suspect that i am throwing her stuff); keep a few number of that trash (I mean her stuff) and throw that big, plastic bag right away - not letting it linger on the area where we keep the dry garbage for she has the habit of systematically "arranging" the trashbags which will definitely lead to a discovery of my mischief. Hahaha!

So, after the sweeping and the "trashing," I mopped the floor clean and let it dry for a few minutes. Afterwards, I went to the bathroom - washed the plastic trash can for the kitchen, the mopping rug, scrubbed the bathroom floor and washed the pail and the "tabo."

Satisfied with my household routine "accomplishment," I gathered all my laundry stuff and took them all out from my room. Hehehe! I placed them at the sofa in the living room and up to now, it is still there. I was just planning of checking my mails for important messages but I ended up spending more time in the computer than i ever planned to.

I just wonder what time will I be heading up the house to start my "weekend reunion" with my Sunday buddies -
Tide, Ariel, Downy and H2O.

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