Sunday, December 7, 2003

What a Long Break from Blogging...

Oh, boy! It has been such a while since I went blogging. Honestly, I missed it very much that I was thinking of doing my laundry late in the afternoon and forego my plans of going to SM MegaMall to check out an ongoing bookfair. I was suppose to go there last night but time did not permit me.

So, what have I been doing for the past few weeks? Well, I have done a lot and it seems fatigue is coming down on me. Maybe I am really getting old already. I am starting to complain about muscle pains, shortness of breath and the like.

With all the things happening to me {physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually}, I am thinking of reflecting back on my life and start gathering what is left of it. I was planning to start on the physical aspect but common sense pervaded on me. I have this so-called perspective that what is more important is what is within. I have always believed that what is inside will reflect on the outside, not the other way around for looks can be deceiving.

An hour ago, morning visitors came knocking at our door. They were the "new" {at least for me} "katiwala" of our group. Of course, as I expected, they asked me the reason why. I just cannot tell them why. All I did ask was when is the day of our
Thanksgiving for I have plans of reliving and renewing my faith even before the Big Day happens. My only hope is to have the strength to carry this on. Honestly, thinking about my misgivings about this matter makes biting tears burn my eyes.

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