Saturday, January 3, 2004


Good Evening, blog!

I have not finished writing about those trips yet.

I have not started with that letter yet.

I am not done reading the book I mentioned earlier.

But I was able to finish my laundry except for some small stuff which I will do later.

I am almost done "devouring" this big box of
Chocolate Crunchies.

Tomorrow, I will be out of the house to jog and free my head with cobwebs. I want to smell the early morning fresh air. I wonder if I can visit the gym? *hmm* I need to work out.


I wonder where I can put the picture of
Papa Aragorn in this blog? Let me check later. Basta, it will not be in the entries.

I was surfing and I just checked which movies are showing. I will put their posters somewhere here, too.

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