Saturday, January 3, 2004

Random Thoughts...

Good Morning, Blog!

I am not done yet with my writing re my recent trips to interesting places. I had been preoccupied with something. Besides, this page is already heavy loaded with pictures.

Since yesterday, I had been logged online - lurking at
PinoyExchange, writing testimonials to good pals from Friendster, checking my Yahoo accounts, surfing the Net. I also spent the rest of the day uploading some pictures to my pc which I had taken using my Nokia 3650 mobile phone, finished reading 3 books and watched the first beginning episodes of He-Man: Defender of the Universe {ganon pala story non. Hehehe! Honest, hindi ko alam...} and for the 2nd or 3rd time, the Legend by Tom Cruise. I was never a fan of his so do not even think that he was the reason I keep on watching this dragging movie. Moral lesson: huwag maging makulit. Hehehe! Para tuloy gusto kong batukan iyong babae. Siya ang may kasalanan ng lahat. Boink! Me and my stupid analysis! This is my blog and I am allowed to sound stupid here...Okay, I have not revealed yet why I watch this movie again and again...*with a big grin on my face* I love to see the unicorn. Ever since I was a kid, I love the unicorns. Maybe that was why I love horses. Weird enough...

Sabi ko nga random thoughts kaya bigla iba-iba topic lagay ko.

I want to buy a scanner. Kasi dami ko gusto scan. I want to send it to my
Grandmother Jane and my Aunts who are residing in the US. Add ko na rin si Gail and Rita. I miss them. Why is it that the people you trust the most are so far away? And those who are nearby naman, they seemed so busy and you hesitate to approach them? Or maybe it is the attitude in me. I do not want to burden people with my troubles. I just want to keep it for myself.

I miss a lot of people lately. I evern organized a mini-reunion with high school peers but it will not materialize. Supposedly, today yon. But it turned out that everyone was busy. Not all but almost.
Dante was scheduled yesterday for a seminar or something that will make him fit for a promotion. That will go on for a week, I think. Rowena has an appointment today and she cannot cancel. Frelud, Levi and Jocy seemed to be unreachable elsewhere. The ones who were raring to go besides me were Rommel, Uriah and Betty. I decided to postpone the reunion. Maybe, some other time.

Same goes for the other group. But this one I think will push through. Everybody is not available on weekends except me so we will be meeting all -
Jawee, LA and maybe Mariel, Kerwin, Jheng, Paul and Jorry - during weeknights. We have not talked about it yet.

Let me go *mushy* now. Hehehe! I miss my dear
Papi Dex too. He will be back tomorrow from his hometown. I will try to be an *angel* {am I capable of being one? *hmm* maybe a mischievous one} since all I gave him during my stay in their place was heartaches and tantrums. He is always forgiving. Ako naman walang kadala-dala! *boink me*

I wonder how long I can go on being like this at home. I just speak up when I am being talked to. I do what I am supposed to do. I show this devil-may-care exterior but I avoid being cold and indifferent. I am sure that that kind of attitude will create an air of hostility again and verbal war. I am tired of it already. Both ways do not work. If you speak up, they take your words the wrong way. If you do not utter a word, they will mistake you as a silent rebel. Oh goodness! I am sick tired of this. I better not not talk. At least, sumama man loob ko, ok lang kasi ganon din. Hay, this is *hmm*

I want to buy 2 cabinets, tall ones for my books and bags. Sobra dami na. I cannot sleep on my bed na. Masikip na.

I want to read the broadsheets but I will be forced to mentally take note some stuff. That will be work for me. I do not want to so I will not read the papers.

Speaking of work, one day na lang tapos na ang ligaya. Monday na naman. Hay...

I have not watched
Lord of the Rings pa. It is not possible to watch in weeknights because it is too long.

Ang laki na pala ni
Sakura, my dog. Ganda pa ng balahibo. Laking Pedigree yata iyan. Hehehe!

Anyway, I will be blogging later. I have to write a letter and read this
Agatha Christie book. Till then.

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