Thursday, January 1, 2004


”I am home and yet I am working. I am racking my dead-tired brain on how will I be able to arrange stuff for my next project. I have an ongoing project and I am always out of the office. I only get to see my office desk when the sun had set down from the horizon. That means people had long gone to their own homes and I have nobody to talk to – to arrange and facilitate things.

I think my mind has its own ideas apart from mine. Instead of focusing on the cluttered paperwork I brought home yesterday from an overtime shift, thoughts of traveling and taking shots of nature and what is pleasant to the eye obscure the very purpose why I am lounged here in the living room which is currently devoid of human movement and noise.

Deciding to let my mind conjure its own thoughts freely, I let my CD player sing songs for me. I played
Freestyle Live to lighten up my being even just a bit. Twice I did. Still not enough to jumpstart from facing a task ahead, I played my fave new wave music. Build Me Up Buttercup, Always Something There to Remind Me, Dancing Queen, Head Over Heels, Just Got Lucky and so on…

Well, I felt some hip feeling in me. But unfortunately, it did not mean that I was up to facing the cluttered papers on the work table. I filed all the papers in one heap and moved the table and chair on the other side. I sang in tune with the
Dancing Queen and moved my feet and toes to the swing beat. The feeling was so light…”


This was written way back February 2, 2003 at 13:21 hours. I was rummaging through my old notes when I came across this.

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