Thursday, January 1, 2004

Today, 1 January 2004...

Waking up late at 10 in the morning and almost every soul residing in this house was out, I decided to cook rice only since I know a lot of food was left from last night's revelry. I did not partake in the merry-making but instead joined the family in saying prayers and thanking the Good Lord Above for the blessed and wonderful 2003. This is one ritual we never fail to accomplish since the time I was able to keep memories through this head of mine.

Anyway, after a reunion with the kitchen, I decided to sweep the floor and mopped it clean. I decided to wipe off the computer table to remove the dust. I was not so successful.

Feeling so hungry, I decided to take my brunch. A cup of hot choco and 2 ham spread sandwiches - 1 which was 2-layered and the other 3-layered - filled me in. While munching on, I turned on my computer and decided to clean my drive with unwanted files. I hate to see disorganized folders and unnecessary documents. Better trash them. While doing this, I uploaded the pictures I have taken using my mobile phone. Pictures included were shots from my Cebu vacation, Corregidor trip, mini-birthday celebration of my former superior, my mom's , some random shots of me and pals and places; After which, I organized them in to labeled folders for easy viewing.

Being done with it, I started to update my blog. I know this will take time for a lot of things had happened. Maybe I will savor the feeling of working in front of the computer, not rushing to do some work but writing off some thoughts tumbling in my head.


I would like to thank the following people for greeting me this cheerful New Year:

Ate Blandy of UP Manila Dept of Accounting
Belinda Sato-Reyes, a former colleague
Chat of Texas Instruments
Christian ni Sister ko
Chummy Chua of SPI Technologies
Cristina Palic, a very good and close college pal
Deor of ChevronTexaco
Dexter, honey ko (siempre)
Elaine na friend ni Bestfriend Gail
Froilan of SVI
Gail, my college bestfriend based in the US
Ispangki ni Tina
Jawee Nubla, close buddy at PinoyExchange
Jeanners of UP Manila Volunteer Org
Jenifer Marie Tiu, a dear pal & co-volunteer in UP Manila
Kristoffer Tan Oliveria, a good friend
Kuya Berlyn, my beloved cousin
Kuya Rage, who is a good PinoyExchange pal
Liberty Nolasco, my college instructor and a friend
Loudel Dario-Pichay
Louise Hazel Lizano, my college bestfriend
Louis Go
Ma'am Lina of Wheels
Macky of PLDT
Margaux from PeopleSupport
Marie Jean Samboa, my cousin
Marlon Camus of Quickinfo
Marlon Pascual aka Pasky of Sankyo Seiki in Subic
Michael Alberto
Minette from PhilFoodEx
Mr. Edward David of PhilFoodEx
Mr. Greg Gonzales
Mr. Haga of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Cebu
Mr. Palanca of the House of Representatives
Ms. Araceli Clor of the Board of Investments
Ms. Dally of PCIERD-DOST
Ms. Lolit Reyes of the Board of Investments
Nancy Ong, working at SunCruises
Reku of UP Manila Volunteer Org
Rommel Romulo, former classmate in Westminster High
Roscher Guinto
Ryan Sy
Tabilog from BWI
Tina ni Ispangki
Zoe Exequiel

May you all have a great, wonderful and prosperous New Year!


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