Friday, January 16, 2004

Mushy Stuff in my Mobile Phone...

I had gotten used to the idea of my boyfriend always bringing me home everyday from work. So it was like a "loss" when we did not see each other yesterday. He wanted me to take the MRT instead of taking the bus. But stubborn that I was, I still took the bus. The bus ride was so gloomy and it took me hours. Anyway, I was able to compose a couple of very plain & juvenile poems. Here goes:


Trip back home was so blue,
travelling alone, after all was nothing new
Such a long, boring trip,
a biting tear wants to creep, I wanna weep
Memories so deep that I cherish,
in my heart they remain I wish
Life has never been the same,
'twas when someone special came.

Songs of love hummed in the air,
ignored it, damned I care
Was in my own solitary self,
hearing them never helped
"Everyday I love you" song cuts through me,
foolish thoughts of losing you came flying free
Brushing them off my mind,
uttered a prayer, expecting solace to find.

I even had a third one but I was not able to finish it. Oh, this just came freely in my mind so it was sort of unpolished. Kinda mushy, too.

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