Friday, January 2, 2004

Rundown of my December...

Dec31 - Being tired from yesterday and the days before that plus being not in the mood to mingle with anyone, with anybody at home, I woke up late but stayed home. I unpacked my luggages and sorted my laundry. I did not buy any pasalubong for I was short in cash plus I was not up to bringing anything heavy. Maybe because I was still feeling hurt and disappointed for the way I was treated here at home. I just bought my favorite dried danggit, posit and this white fishbones. I just lavished myself with buying local shirts.

After that, I arranged my books and piled them nicely in a corner. I had additional books bought from Cebu. Lol!

The whole time, too, I was busy tinkering with my mobile phone. Sending and deleting messages seemed to be my cup for the day. Aside from texting my boyfriend, I was also communicating with my high school pals and
Kuya Rage.

Dec30 - My flight back to Manila from Cebu, together with Richard; Departure of Ms. Ishii, our Deputy ED, back to Tokyo Head office.

Dec29 - 3rd day in Cebu

Dec28- My 2nd day in Cebu

Dec27- Arrival in Cebu

Dec26 - Filed a vacation leave from work for this day; Departure for Cebu together with Dex and Richard via SuperFerry. First time ko sa ship!

Dec25 - Stayed in the house; Mom’s Catholic relatives came over.

Dec24 - Went shopping with my youngest brother, Jeff; Rift with my mom – why is it she never understands me?

Dec23 - last day of office work before Christmas season; my immediate superior’s departure for his home country for a holiday vacation.

Dec22 - plain office work

Dec21 - Church Thanksgiving Day! I attended the 2:00 pm service. Very blessed for me…

Dec20 - I had a general cleaning at the kitchen area; went groceries shopping at SM West Supermarket at almost 8 pm, accompanied by my boyfriend. You are such an angel, you know.

Dec19- shopped a little and played at Timezone; went home solo because my papi had his Christmas Party at Pier One.

Dec18 - attended church service at the Bel-Air Locale at 7 pm; had dinner with my boyfriend at Superbowl Resto at Jupiter Street.

Dec17 - Arrival of our new Deputy ED, Mr. Yamamoto, office meeting for the formal introduction and then later on, a small welcome party for him.

Dec16 - not able to attend a musical play.

Dec15- small celebration of the birthday of my former immediate superior.

Dec14 - ----

Dec13 - did not attend DED’s birthday celeb; went shopping at SM Ortigas.

Dec12 - Office Christmas Party

Dec11 - Forego attending 2 parties, went home instead

Dec10 - did not attend a law firm’s party and instead went to the bookstore

Dec09 - Mom’s birthday; had mini-celebration

Dec08 - DED’s birthday, small celebration

Dec6-7 - ---

Dec1-5 - meetings