Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Signs of the Times...

Does your name begin with: F

You are idealistic and romantic, putting your lover on a pedestal.
You look for the very best mate you can find.
You are a flirt, yet once committed, you are very loyal.
You are sensuous and privately passionate.
Publicly, you can be showy, extravagant, and gallant.
You are a born romantic.
Dramatic love scenes are a favourite fantasy past time.
You can be a very generous lover.

Idealistic & romantic??? Romantic daw ako?? Parang di ko yata ma-imagine...

Does your name begin with: I

You have a great need to be loved, appreciated... even worshiped.
You enjoy luxury, sensuality and pleasures of the flesh.
You like necking spend hours just touching feeling & exploring.
You look for lovers who know what they are doing.
You are not interested in an amateur, unless that amateur wants a tutor.
You are fussy and exacting about having your desires satisfied.
You are willing to experiment and try new modes of _____expression.
You bore easily and thus require adventure and change.
Your commitments don't last very long & you often tend to stray.
Loyalty is not one of your strong points.
You are more sensual than sexual, but you are sometimes downright lustful.

Jusmiyung garafun! Maniakis pala ko??

Gemini: Turn-on

Gemini is a highly intellectual and versatile person.
If you have a Gemini partner you have to match your wits with his wits to keep the zing in the relation.
They want to be mentally stimulated so you have to be good in conversing.
Your sense of humor will get you a permanent residence place in the heart of a Gemini.
Be more communicative with them and if you are good in this then you will never know how hours pass by with you
holding each other`s hand.

So true...

Gemini - Turn- off

Geminis like to do many things at the same time so if unfortunately you are the type who is looking for stability you may get disappointed.
Do not hold back a Gemini or you may lose him, as they are restless and need change in life constantly.
You should try to adopt yourself with the ever-changing Gemini.
Orthodox or conservative old fashion ideas are no-no in their dictionary.
Change with the ever-changing Gemini and do not flow against the current.

Masakit pero totoo. I had always believe that I am reflective of this character. But of course, I must not forever rely in this kind of thing for it is me who make or break my life...

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