Sunday, February 15, 2004

Whenever I wake up in the morning
The glimmering sunshine shines over me
I hear the harmonious voices of the early birds
And for this, I feel the warmth of His love.
I get out of bed, ready to take off
I see His blessings He gave me
I have my family who came to love
To care, to guide and protect me.
As I walk along the streets
As my feet take every step
Sweet little butterflies and bees follow me
As I passed by the colorful flowers
I looked at the sky, what do I see?
The sky of blue surrounding me
Clouds of white that looks so puffy
In this way, I realized how God loves me.
Before I got to bed I stared at my window
Little bright stars twinkling on the dim sky
With the moon showing off its glow.
He has made such magnificent creations
In a world that was once filled with darkness
With his own hands, he made you
From his own image and likeness.
His creations doesn't bring only beauty
What he made is not only to fill the world
But to show his love that's undying
His love that's everlasting.

An enlightening poem written by someone.

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