Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Today, Yesterday, the Past Few Days and Weeks...


I stayed here at the office trying to finish the workload before my scheduled departure on Friday. For months, I am anticipating for the arrival of next week. That is why, I wanted to make a clean slate of everything before I leave. So far, things have been turning out well unexpectedly. I am very thankful for that.

I am also planning to leave the office on time so I can meet early with my beloved boyfriend,
Dex. He started his graveyard shift for the month and since he did not pick me up yesterday, we will be meeting today. He insisted on bringing me home and afterwards, he will return to the office. I am trying to be a nice girl. Hehehe!


It was a busy day. I was almost in and out of the office for meetings, accompanying our guest researcher from our Head Office in Tokyo. We had meetings with a research fellow from the
Philippine Institute for Development Studies and with the top official of the semiconductors & electronics organization in the country. I hoped it was a productive meeting for our guest.

While at the office, my phone lines were burning while my fingers were busy tapping the keyboard. Confirmations and arrangements for our projects took my time; setting aside the mundane routine work of a normal day.

I did not join my superiors for lunch at the Manila Peninsula since I had a personal appointment with friend
Kristine, from the writing club. I gave her the books that she needed. Afterwards, I decided to go back to the office since I still had a lot of things to do before my next meeting. But before that, I bought something to eat from McDonalds. Together with my usual order, I acquired a stuff as a promotion from the movie, Brother Bear.

After the afternoon meeting, I stayed at the office till 6pm, working my ass off.

Another good thing that happened was that I was being asked by someone to be part of a lead group in a sub-lit club. I thought about it and inquired about what my tasks would be and finally, I said yes. I need something to jumpstart the year. The opportunity came knocking by.

When the bundy clock struck 6, I decided to join my officemate,
TJ for dinner at KFC.

We took buses in going home but on separate directions. I arrived home at 10 in the evening.


I spent the early morning jogging at my favorite area of the metropolis,
Cultural Center of the Philippines. After 2 and a half hours of sweating, I decided to call the morning off. I did some household chores and met with my boyfriend at MegaMall. Itinerary was dropping by at the Philippine Food Expo for the 2nd time, checking National Bookstore for the book that I had been looking for since the other day, had 1 of my 4 remaining disposable cameras developed and to accomplish the half part of buying the groceries.

I met with my boyfriend at MegaMall at past four in the afternoon. While waiting for him, I dropped by first at the bookstore to check. Unfortunately, the book was still out of stock. I ended up buying a couple of cards.

Upon seeing my boyfriend, I decided to forego doing the remaining half of buying groceries. The guy looked so exhausted [he even got minr colds] so I thought maybe a movie and a little of everything that I planned would be ok. We had the film developed, checked the
Habagat shop, strolled a little at the mall while he narrated to me the funny things that happened during the clean-up at the small mountain, visited the food expo, dined there a little, did a little grocery and watched a movie. Finally, we were able to watch the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It was good enough that we were able to watch it before it finally disappears in the moviehouses.

We left the mall before 10 in the evening...or was it past 10 already? *hmm*


I woke up a little late. I was supposed to do my laundry but unfortunately, someone got to do it first. I had to wait for my time. I just decided to clean the house and fix my stuff. Afterwards, I checked my emails.

The day was so boring that I decided to go out and spent the remaining hours of the day at the mall. Besides, a friend
Maki, showed up after I texted her [I handed her the thing she wanted]. But we only had a few minutes together since she had to go back to the office. I was left on my own afterwards. I went to Powerbooks and search for this elusive book. Still out of stock.

I went to the department store to see the latest collection of bags. I was looking for this particular bag which I saw a month ago. It was already gone. Sayang! It was so nice pa naman. I should have bought it the first time I laid my eyes on it.

Thinking about running out of clean socks, I bought 3 sets [3 pieces in one set] of trouser's socks for the ladies. I also got 2 big photo albums for my mom. I am planning to gather all her photos which I found scattered all over her room when I cleaned it Tuesday night [she came back from the hospital Wednesday].

I was wandering around the home care section when my eyes caught a pile of pillows. They were so nice, so cute. One pillow stood out. Colored blue and with a message very apt, I decided to buy it. I only had one person in mind to give that pillow to.

My plan to check the
3rd Philippine Food Expo was a little bit delayed. Aside from the Travel Expo & Grand Bookfair, the Food Expo is one of my most-awaited expositions to visit. I really find it interesting every year. I was able to buy a lot of food such as my favorite pili tart and pili cake from RPM Nut, pili sweets, a very long chorizo, sweetcorn, some spices, chocolate mallows, etc.

The last stop for me was the supermarket. Initial plan was to do a major grocery but thinking about the acquired 3 heavy bags, I decided to buy a little. That "little" was translated to an additional 6 bags.

Well, I was able to reach home before 11 in the evening. I was happy despite the painful left arm that I got from the heavy burden.

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