Thursday, March 4, 2004

Just About Anything...

Since yesterday, I have been trying to sort out the mess cluttered in my bed. For the past 2 months, I have been at the mercy of the sofa in the living room, trying to sleep the night away. My collection of bags, books and even stuff toys which my boyfriend gave me had already ousted me from my resting space.

I stood by my bed and contemplated how was I going to start the task. For me, it was a little bit complicated. I did not know where to start. Undecided, I got a big trash bag and hooked it somewhere. I was ready.

I started from the edge of my bed. Papers and my everyday bags were piled up. Papers that I would have opted to read given a free time found their way to the trash bag. The bags were placed in one corner as I worked my way to the other end.

An idea popped into my head when I saw some of my belongings that I had no further use. Instead of throwing it or letting it rot for nothing, I decided to resort back to my usual acts. Small, kikay bags plus pencils, notebooks and stationeries were enclosed in clean plastic bags. To complete the package, I rummaged through my old clothes and put a couple of clothes there. I just hope that I can place a smile into the exhausted faces of those poor, young girls.

(^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^)(^-^)

Hehehe! While still cleaning my stuff, I came across these small, yellow-colored thick papers. Written in it were the results my future and that of my boyfriend. Just for fun, we tried out this weighing machine in a mall in Cebu last December. Drop 5 pesos in the slot, stand still and the machine will read your future. Insane as it may seem but I always try to be one when I am not somewhere in Manila. After all, I went there to rest and have fun and not be judged by anyone, much less a stranger. It was me who urged
Dex & Richard to try it out.

Dex got a resounding 80 kilograms and predicting a future of new business ventures, methods and partnerships that will sweep away old covenants.

On my part, I took it twice. Hehehe! Would you believe that I acquired 49 kilos that time? I never crossed the threshold of 46 kilos ever since. Goodness!

Anyway, it says like – persistency is all I need to win. To succeed, I must not wait for luck to help me out but win my way to strife. The 2nd one is pointing out that indecision marks my life that otherwise should be a great success.

I fairly think that it is true. As much as I would want to do some things that I had planned long before, I always find myself lost in a crossroad.

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