Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Stuff & Memories of the Past...

A few moments ago, I was in pursuit of finding this elusive ID which I have been searching for a mere 2 weeks now. It is deemed important that I find it or else...Anyway, I tried to search on for the boxes wherein I kept all my personal stuff. I checked the oldest box stashed in the topmost part of our oldest cabinet. It was thickly covered with dust.

When I opened it, memories of the past flew by. Not to leave but to linger on for a while. It contained keepsakes of the past; my young, innocent past.

Varied IDs from my kinder to younger high school years [goodness! I really look very, very ugly back then];
countless cards and letters from relatives, friends;
hard-earned medals as a consistent honor student & those which I got from various contests;
old photos of my friends.

But one thing that really caught my eye was this letter written in a yellow pad and simply folded. In a heartbeat, I knew from whom it came from. It tugged my heart to see that handwriting. For how many times in the past that I had read it, I remembered the sting of hot tears flowing down my cheeks. Reading that letter again brought back flashes of the past. For that letter reminded me of both good and bad, of happiness and depression. It reminded me of how I discovered the real me - my strength and my weaknesses. It also reminded me of the power of human ties. Sadly, it reminded me of severed friendships - friendships that I thought were forever.

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