Saturday, March 6, 2004

Mobile Phones...

As I was thinking what to write today, my eyes came in contact with my handset lying on my computer table - mere inches away from me.

I decided to write something about it – based on observations and my experiences.

Modern technology had surely reduced communications to this small pack of equipment we call mobile phones. It has shaped the way we live our lives, the way we communicate. Even the youngest of the young ones carries a mobile phone. Proof of that is the son of superior who is just a 10 year old.

I learned some hard facts which I had come to accept (no matter how hard I try to deny it) based on the relationship I have with my mobile phone.

• That without my mobile phone, I feel like a naked mannequin being scrutinized from head to toe.
• That if I left my mobile phone at home in a rush, I would immediately go back home without a buzz.
• That if I do not receive a message over a long period of time, I would feel gloomy, depressed.
• That when I am at the edge of boredom, I would stare and wait for my handset to beep and say Halleluiah when the “Message Received” flashes on the screen.
• That I would feel hurt when I am animatedly narrating something to my boyfriend and suddenly his mobile phone will sound with a beep and he will attend to it and postpone hearing the juicy part of my story.
• That sometimes in a meeting, I would sneak out my handset below the table and send a text message to a friend and tell her that I am ready to fall into a slumber.
• That not a long time ago, my superior who was seating in front of a lecture and I at the back seat sent me a message that I must wake him up or else...
• That I am getting confused deciphering all the new rising so-called emoticons.
• That sending and receiving a text message without these “cute” emoticons can spark delusions of unfriendliness, irritation and sarcasm.
• That texting is cheaper so why make a call?
• That texting makes up words for the lack of spontaneity.
• That texting over calling makes me more brazen and forward.
• That texting enhances my ability to make up lies to save my face (the saddest part).

Funny thing was I checked the most special texted message (which I had saved in my mobile folder) I have received in my life. It was the text message my boyfriend sent me when he revealed his feelings. I checked for any emoticons – of smiley, of a wink, of a kiss. Nothing. It was devoid of connecting colons, semicolons, open & close parenthesis posing as icons of human emotions.

Before I kept that texted message as proof that what he was telling me was just a joke and that it would not last. Now, I kept it because it was something to remember. Something so special...

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