Saturday, March 6, 2004

Lovapalooza Kiss last Feb 14...

I never thought that I would be one of the people be seen at the Baywalk joining the throng of people wanting to witness the event. Well, I was not there to watch couples lock their lips for 10 seconds long much more, be one of the couples seal their love with a kiss. You see, I was with my boyfriend. That time, I thought that he was not sold to the idea of going there.

Anyway, the reason behind my presence in that area was because I wanted to see and hear the acoustic songs
Paolo Santos would be singing. He was one of the performers that graced that event.

It was actually a pre-planned evening for both of us. I was supposed to run the show. Well, I made a reservation at
Gerry’s Grille at Jupiter Street in Makati and had a sumptuous dinner with him. Afterwards, we proceeded to Starbucks at Robinson’s Place Malate. While waiting for our friends, we ordered something cold. I got my favorite iced café mocha.

Let us just say I got a little pissed off waiting for them. So I told them that we will just meet them somewhere at the Baywalk. During that time, I was already torn between going to the Baywalk or going home. We found ourselves at the promenade.

It was such an event considering the tons of people that went there. Families, peers and couples alike abound. You could not walk straight without bumping into someone.

We stood by in one area and waited for them. While waiting, I had the pleasure of observing the people around me. It shocked me to see that most of the couples that I saw parading the area where we stood by were mostly in their younger teens.

Going back to the friends that we were waiting for, they informed us that they were in
Yakitori Dori – somewhere along the promenade. I was thinking about how much profits those restaurants incurred during that evening.

The people who made it through that night were
Richard, Jenard, Arnel, Francis, Chummy, Suzette, Ron, Andy and Marge. All of us chatted almost about anything. Well, mostly about trekking stuff.

Experience told me that during such events, one must not go there with too much liquid intake. I had the experience of my life peeing into the so-called portable toilet stationed nearby. It was such a long line, waiting for your turn to relieve yourself. It made me laugh to see that all of us were tapping certain dance steps just to delay something which is expected.

That night was also celebrated as a mini-party for
Suzette’s impending departure for the United States. I wished I had talked to her and said my piece. I just uttered a small prayer for her happiness and luck.

It was already early morning when we decided to part ways. Actually, it was my fault. We were not supposed to but I went into my tantrum streaks again.

Honestly, I hated myself for days for that ill behavior. For those who were aware of it, I let them know how sorry I was. I just hoped that they had already forgiven me, especially
Dex. Ok lang kahit hindi ko napakinggan si Paolo Santos.

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