Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Pondering LOVE...

Which is harder, to fall out of love or to love again?

Isn't it hard to say goodbye to somebody whom you have been with
through tough times and it has been proven that he loves you and
would love you forever and you just have to put an end to
the relationship for you have outgrown the person?

Wouldn't it be more difficult and heart-wrenching to be the one
to ask for its end? Sometimes even if you do your very best in a
relationship, when it is not meant to be, it will never flourish.

Like a sandcastle symbolizing your love for each other,
it may stand still for a while and be widely spread with
beautiful ornaments, be able to stand tough winds and kicks
but if there is really something wrong or lacking in the foundation
or something needed was taken for granted at the start,
it will take effect at one point and even if you keep on
smoothening up the edgy parts, it may be too difficult to mend it.

You may continuously mend it but you might end up doing that forever,
for a relationship is like a sandcastle, once it is falling into pieces,
it is either you think of ways in order to save it or accept the fact
that you should just let it fall and start from scratch, while having
the decision to make, on whether you will build a sandcastle with
the same person or not.

True love exists even in separations. Sometimes, we have to part ways
with somebody not to let him or her know what he or she will be missing
when you are gone but to let him or her realize what he is missing in
his life, the gifts he or she has in him that he/she hasn't touched and dwelled

In the ocean of love that runs deep and never-ending, we should know
up to what extent should we swim deep or shallow, and in a
relationship, one should be stronger than the other for if not, both will drown in
the ocean of love, tides made out of trials and doors to maturity.

Though I believe that to say goodbye to somebody who has hurt you
physically, and emotionally is so much easier than saying goodbye to
somebody who you really love and loves you in the simple way he or
she knows.

Knowing that you have done the right things along the way and waited
patiently for the right time to be with your loved-one, and still
things didn't work out, it makes it more scary to trust your emotions and
love again. For the next one will always be somewhat like a bargain
and one couldn't help but compare it to the latter one. Nevertheless,
our faith and fate has its own way of talking to us and pointing us the
right path. Love not with your heart alone but also with your mind.

Whether you are happy or sad with your life right now, always talk to
God each day. Make him your bestfriend on earth. Talk to Him as if
he is beside you and whisper to Him your wishes, your pains, your
thankfulness, and your weaknesses. Things will happen in its right
time. Just continue being a good person and share your gifts to other people
as long as you can. He has his own way of reaching you.

In order to have and find love, you have to know your self first,
your strengths and weaknesses and love your self and make prayer a
delight in your life. In this way, you will be somebody's delight in
his or her life, his/her sunrise and sunset, and his/her dream while
he/she is asleep.

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